European Industrial Heritage Meeting

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Industrial Heritage 2006 First European contact weekend for industrial heritage volunteers and associations Beringen, 7 - 8 oktober 2006

In every European country the research in and study, recording, conservation, development and management, and interpretation of Industrial and Technical Heritage largely depends on the initiatives and works of volunteers and volunteer NGOs. Without their efforts numerous important sites, objects and documents that withness of the birth and growth of our industrial and technical society would have been lost forever. But their idealistic and unpaid efforts are often undervalued by authorities and official institutes

E-FAITH, the European Federation of Associations of Industrial and Technical Heritage is a young platform promoting contacts and co-operation between non profit volunteer associations, the place where those can meet, exchange experiences, learn from each other and support each other's activities an campaigns.

During the weekend of October 7th-8th 2006 E-FAITH is organising it's first European industrial and technical heritage contact weekend, where volunteers from different countries will get together, meet and forge relationships across borders. The meeting is not a traditional 'conference' or congress. It is an open meeting where organisations and individuals can present and compare their ideas, projects and results - and find out where cooperation or common projects can grow, how they can support the aims of colleagues and how colleagues can support their objectives. This will be possible by lectures and oral presentations, leaflets, information stands, posters and small exhibits. Each participant is allowed to use the presentation techniques that to him/her seems to be the most appropriate.

This first European Industrial and Technical Heritage Weekend will take place in and around the unique buildings of the coalmine of Beringen (Flanders, Belgium) - a splendid industrial archaeological area: actually the largest mining complex in Europe that is completely protected by law. The colliery is surrounded by a network of transport infrastructure (coal harbour and canal, railroads and roads) and a large mining village, including the houses of miners and engineers, schools, church, a convent, playing fields (football, tennis), meeting halls, cinema,... all built by the mining company. Participants will have the opportunity to visit the mine buildings and the surroundings.

The fee for the weekend is kept as low as possible to allow even the most humble associations to take part without charging their limited budgets to much. So participants pay only a 'solidarity fee' of 20 euro p.p. - which covers the documentation and the coffee breaks. Special conditions have been negotiated with hotels in the nearby city of Hasselt, where participants will also have the opportunity to visit the National Museum of Distilling.

Additional information on the First European Industrial and Technical Heritage Weekend is soon available and will be regularly updated

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E-FAITH the European Federation of Associations of Industrial and Technical Heritage

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