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If anyone is in Yorkshire at the weekend in the vicinity of York or
Selby I would recommend the Vintage rally at Riccall. A small event,
but always some decent interesting exhibits, a friendly relaxed
atmosphere, and a decent bar ;-))
I'll be there from Thursday with the big Tangye AWH4 and the Lalley
Light, and I'll endeavour to get some pics for the NG.
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Dan Howden
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I will also be there and agree with everything Dan has to say about the rally.
Mike M
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We're taking the Warsop Rammer as well so you won't get withdrawal symptons, just hope you don't have a hang over from the night before.
Andy M
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There is also the Masham steam rally, a nice friendly event in some lovely countryside, I stayed there with some friends last year though it doesn't look like we'll make it this year. Not a huge line up of stationary engines but enough, some tractor pulling if you want to see something a bit different, and of course the home of Theakstones which happens to be my favourite 8-).
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