Bits at IF this weekend

I've been sorting out some rarely disturbed corners of my workshop
recently and have come to the conclusion that I've a greater quantity
of some bits than I will ever need.
With Paul's permission, I am offering some to visitors in return for a
suitable donation to IF.
The list is growing and quantities vary but so far include:
Grub Screws
1/4 BSW x 3/4 W Point 2BA x 3/16 Cone
2BA x 3/8 W Point 2BA x 1/4 Point & Hall Dog
2BA x 1/2 Knurled, Cup Point
Cap Heads
0BA x 1/2 Knurled, Black 10.32 x 3/8 UNF Knurled, Cad Plate
1/4 BSF x 1 Knurled, Cad Plate 1/4 BSF x =BD Knurled, Cad Plate
M4 x 10 Round Head, Black
6BA x 1 Round Head, Steel 10BA x 1/8 Round Head, Brass
2BA self threading steel, No 6 x 1/2 Self Tapping, Black
Split Pins
3/64 x 3/4 Copper
3/16 BSF, Steel 3/16 BSW, Steel
7/16 BSF, Steel 3/4 BSF, Steel
Bring your own zip bags or containers.
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