Line Boring on Lathe

To bore the frame of the 1/3 Galloway kit I got recently, I intend to
attach a 1/2" aluminum plate to the top of my cross slide. The cross
slide is flat and I figure I can drill and tap it in a carefully laid
out square pattern outside the dovetail and between the gib screws.
Then I can add tapped holes to the aluminum plate and clamp and shim
the frame about .052" to center height. That will allow me to
reposition the frame for boring the cylinder and boring the crank
I intend to use a boring head to be obtained (Yay, new tool!) for the
cylinder sleeve recess (2.275" id x 1.750" deep) from the cylinder
side, but I'm considering a boring bar between centers for the crank
bearings. The problem is I'll have to bore to .812" final id, and the
bar would have to be at least 10" long to traverse the frame. If I
used the boring head to rough to 0.78" or so, would a 3/4" x 10" bar
with a round hole for 3/16" round tool bit and say #8-32 setscrew hole
be stiff enough?
Pete Keillor
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Pete Keillor
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That's what I use and it works. Of course it flexes quite a bit, but with light passes it'll get it done. I've built several model gas engines with it. Walt
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E. Walter Le Roy
Thanks, Walter. I'll go ahead and try it.
Pete Keillor
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Pete Keillor

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