Elliot boring head problem

I'm getting ready to do a boring job on the mill and I am trying to set up
my boring head, Elliot 1/2 to 12" type, and the damn thing appears to be
seized up. I've removed the large grub screw from the side that would appear
to lock the slide and I've removed the large diameter 'plug' that threads
into the slide to retain the boring bar but I can't see how to disassemble
it further; it's been soaking in penetrating fluid for 2 days but it's still
stuck; the adjuster turns about 0.008" on its scale but then it goes tight
and the slide doesn't move.
The design is similar to the Excel one that G&M have at the moment
formatting link
it doesn't have dovetails
but instead it has a cylinder that slides within the head.
If anyone knows how do dismantle this or, better still, has a copy of the
manual, I'd be most grateful.
TIA, Martin.
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Martin Whybrow
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Martin Whybrow
Problem solved, almost! I tapped the protruding end of the slide with a copper mallet whilst holding the head in my hand so as not to apply to much force, the slide started to move until it was flush with the head; I then clamped a 5/8" dia rod in one of the tool positions and tapped that the opposite way, turning the adjuster as it moved, until it was free enough to move on the adjuster. Once it reached the end of travel, the adjuster was free to turn as it had come out of the end of the slide; I continued tapping until the slide came completely out. Theres nothing to hold the slide in, just a pad on one side running in a shallow slot to stop the slide from rotating. Once it was apart, I could see signs of rust staining on the slide and in the bore, a little odd as the exterior was rust free, so I would imagine coolant had got inside and not escaped. I'll polish the slide and the bore with Autosol and reassemble it tomorrow. Martin
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Martin Whybrow

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