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I was looking for a boring heads for my milling machine, and saw what I thought would be just the thing on ebay. There was no picture, but I thought a boring head was a boring head. Anyway it arrrived this morning, and it is unlike any boring head I've ever seen. It is called a "precision universal tool head" and was made by "the precision tool co, brooklyn, new york". It has a 3 morse taper mount on the back (looks like it can be unscrewed to fit different mounts) and the main body is about 4" diameter by 4" long & very heavy! The slide which the boring bar bolts into is about 1.5" wide x 1" high and fully contained within a square pocket in the main body (no wimpy little dovetails here). The outer top half of the body can rotate freely, and has tapped holes -presumably to screw a bar into to stop this section revolving with the rest of the head. A knurled ring is turned on this top section to adjust the setting of the boring bar. In this way it is possible to adjust the setting while the head is rotating (as the adjustment section stays still). The adjustment is very fine, you have to turn the collar about 1/4" for the boring bar to move one thou.

Anyone got any information on this beast? Would it have come from a very precise jig borer originally, or is it just a heavy duty boring head?

I,m just curious as it is something I've never seen before. Oh, if anyone is in the market for a very heavy duty, acurate boring head I may be open to offers -although it is a very beautiful bit of kit it's somewhat overkill for anything I'd ever use it for.



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Sounds like you have got what is called a boring and facing head, can be used as a boring head or for facing the bottom of holes and counterbores, whilst the machine is running you hold the knurled ring and this slowly moves the tool outwards, some facing heads are have 2 rates of index which is adjusted by a screw in the outside diameter of the knurled ring.

Regards Paul.

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Paul swindell

It's not exactly what I'd nornally describe as a boring and facing head, as holding the knurled ring stationary doese not in itself feed the boring bar out. It is just held stationary so you can read the scale. To feed it out it still has to be turned relative the the other half of the top collar -there is a small bevel gear arrangement to do this, a bit like a drill chuck key. So while you could face with it, you would have to manually feed out the boring bar -there does not seem to be any way to autofeed it.


Kev>Sounds like you have got what is called a boring and facing head, can be

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