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Hi All just back from the lister rally very hot in the 90s some very nice looking engines photos on webshots

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Nick Holden
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It certainly was hot on Sunday, as they say "Phew what a scorcher". It makes up for the truly disgusting weather on Thursday, when I was setting up. At times you couldn't even see the top of the hill, let alone the monument. However, throughout the weekend the S type ran faultlessly and never missed a beat, its soporific qualities are well documented on the NG :-)) And now for the bad bits.... I hate those crush barriers around the engine pens with a passion. Yes, I know they are easy to set up and take down, and yes, you can lean on the top rail. OTOH I think they destroy the atmosphere of the rally, and producing any decent photographic work is almost impossible, and I don't like to feel that I'm caged in to keep the public safe. Also, there were lots of gaps in the display, in fact I think at least three pens could have been done away with and their contents decanted into one with room to spare. Sadly it also seemed that a number of exhibitors werre there for a free weekend, as the quality of some exhibits was truly dire, with no effort made to interest, entertain, or even run the engines. It also seemed that an awful lot of freeloaders were camping in the orchard, a number of motorhomes had either bicycles or motorbikes on the back which weren't everunsheeted over the three days,let alone put on display, and by mid morning Sunday a lot iof them had already left.

Basically I think the organisation of the event needs tightening up in some areas, I for one regretfully will not be attending again as its just not as good as it used to be. I also fully realise that whether I attend again or not is of no interest or significance to said rally organisers, and that these are my own personal views.


Philip T-E

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Philip, As a spectator trying to take photographs, I totally agree but take issue on the excuse about the "soporific qualities" of the Petter S- type. In your case I think it was rather more to do with fermented apple juice as my informant told me in your presence on Saturday morning..... :-) Yes, do away with the crush-control rails please, otherwise an enjoyable event, the one day was not sufficient


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Eric Brain

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