Lister Tyndale Rally

As we were on holiday in N Devon we went to the Lister Tyndale Rally on last Sunday. This was our first visit to the new site at Berkeley Castle and we were disappointed. We last went 2 years ago when it was still at Dursley and the decline in the quantity and quality of the exhibits was most noticeable. We didn't even take any photos!

There were no engines that took my attention, certainly none that I hadn't seen before. The tractor and car displays were quite good but in general it wasn't up to the standard of previous rallies.


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That's a shame, as we went five or six years ago, and it was a much better show then.

One of the problems is that there are many other shows in the country, and being on the same weekend as Astle Park couldn't have helped either.

The other problem is that of fuel costs, for travelling or exhibiting, must be having an impact now. I suspect that the smaller, local shows may benefit, which isn't a bad thing.


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