Lister CS Startomatic

My brother and I, collected the latest addition to our
collection last sunday.
A Lister CS 5/1 startomatic, we got it loaded into the van by lifting
the engine off the base and loading the engine seperate from the base
with an engine crane, and were back on the road within a couple of
We then took a little detour, and nipped in and met roland, he gave us
a cuppa and a good look around his great collection of engines, and
managed to find me a mag sprocket for my lister M, thanks roland.
Then the long haul back up the dreaded M5.
I'v had an spare hour this afternoon, so i'v dropped the engine back
on its base, and connected some fuel to it, but not had any joy getting
the generator to turn the engine over.
I was using a 12v battery, i hav'nt tryed 24volt as i dont want to
damage anything.
Does anyone have any idea what voltage batterys were used on these
sets, any info would be gratefully recieved.
I'll put some pics of it and a couple of other bits i'v aquired over
the last few weeks on webshots in the next few days. Thanks,
Gary M :-)
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gary millward
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24V from memory. There are a couple of Start-O-Matic manuals available from Paul Evans, http://www."STARTER BATTERY The 12 cell (24 volt) starter battery has a capacity of 100 ampere hours at the 20 hour rate or 89 ampere hours at the 10 hour rate. standard automobile battery is recommended and may be installed in two 6 cell units or 4 three cell units."
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Peter Scales
Thanks for the advice peter. I connected 2 12v batterys today and as soon as it got fuel up to the injector, it fired up. Regards Gary
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gary millward

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