Lister CE in Yap

We had an email from a guy in the Pacific Ocean, looking for WWII missing aircrew and aircraft.

He had found the remains of a boat and engine and asked for my thoughts on identification etc.

Fortunately it was fairly easy, the engine is distinctive enough, but the remains of the boat are just the bare iron/steel fittings, all else has long gone.

The best picture is at:

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The whole set of pictures and my reply are at:

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Peter A Forbes
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Those pictures reming me of a Blackstone diesel engine (I think) I saw washed up on some rocks in Spain just north of the Portugese border near a town called Muros. Although it wasnt in quite as bad a state as the Lister, due to it being out of the water.

Unfortunately we didnt have a camera with us and never got round to going back to find it and take some pictures.

Mike M


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