Another lister

Me and my brother Steve collected another ebay purchase
monday, its a 1929 lister A on its original trolley, we had a couple of
hours playing with it in the evening, after we cleaned the points
drained off the old fuel, we found we had no compression, but me not
being to keen about taking the cylinder off, we attemted to start it.
The first couple of swings there was nothing, then a little grey smoke
from the exhaust, every time we swung a little bit more compression was
felt, but it still wouldnt fire, so steve gave the plug a clean and we
belted the tractor up to it, within about four turns the lister fired
into life in a puff of black smoke, due to all the fuel in the
cylinder, but after leaning off the mixture it soon settled down and
run nicely, steve filled the hopper with water and we ran it until hot,
it now has good compession and starts off the handle, we will be
leaving this engine in its working clothes, and steves exibiting it
this weekend at shrewsbury probably driving a hacksaw.
Interestingly there was half a crankcase door in the hopper, with the
brass plate attached, after cleaning up the end of the crankshaft, we
found the number was the same as on the broken door, so it must have
been replaced at some point, but luckly the owner had the forsight to
keep the original plate with the engine.
I've put a couple of pics on webshots in my engines
formatting link
Gary M
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gary millward
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Gary millward -''we will be leaving this engine in its working clothes'' that is one nice engine you've got their gary... i'm planning on doing the same with my junior , not as original paint wise as yours , but still i dont feel an urge to paint it up .
presently im building a trolley for it , for a rally in july . Good luck with it .
John D
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