Lister A/Junior

What's the difference between a Lister A and a Lister Junior please?
Are they the same?
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Unless I am told differently by my good NG friends, they are one and the same, there were many variations as time caused updating etc other than that no difference. I have an A type which plods along happily and never causes me problems ( currently touching wood as I write)
Martin P
Ian wrote:
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Without digging back through the old SEM issues, I thought that the Lister Junior was the older name for the engine which became the 'A', after the 'B' was introduced (if you see what I mean....)
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Peter A Forbes
Ian, my understanding (and it is backed up by David Edgington's book on Lister A & B types) is that Lister Junior can denote either a Lister A or B type. After all, they are not hugely different, The B has larger cylinder capacity and a taller hopper (if it's the commoner hopper cooled version).
Regards, Arthur G
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Arthur Griffin & Jeni Stanton
Ian, I should have said, it might be of use to you to get David Edgington's book, "Know Your Lister A & B Type".
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Lots of other interesting books there as well. I have no connection and am not on commission!
Regards, Arthur G
B types) is that Lister Junior can denote
has larger cylinder capacity and a taller
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Arthur G

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