Lister D problem!

Had my Lister D up and running today. All of a sudden the water level
in the hopper dropped. The water then spurted out from the hopper and
the engine stopped. On turning the starting handle there was bubbling
sounds from the hopper. Removing the spark plug and them turning the
starting handle caused water to gush from the plug hole! I've drained
the hopper and squirted oil through the spark plug in the hope of
preventing it from rusting up.
Has the copper gasket gone or is the problem more serious please?
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Ian, Hopefully its only the head gasket, is the oil sump full of water? It may also be one of the head studs failed causing it to blow back either way the head has to come off I'm afraid :-((
Martin P
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Martin, Thanks for this. I will strip it down this weekend. Regards, Ian.
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all i can say is, remove the head check out the head gasket check the holding bolts, try to remove any water from the inside of engine as it wont do you any favors, head gaskets are avliable from a guy in the front page of Stationary Magizine or most shows, if u you ask the auto jumble people. good luck,
Just check the logical things, i agree with Martin P sounds like a seal problem,
PS: if need be i can dig out the number for the gasket guy.
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Martyn Butler
I think one of the hopper bolts came loose. This caused water to seep into the cylinder which cause air to pass into the jacket and hence the water squirted everywhere. The oil sump appears to have no water ingress. I took the head off and filled to bottom of the hopper with water and there was no leaks. I think it was simply a nut coming loose. It could do with a decoke, glaze busting, new rings and valve clean up plus a paint so it forced me to do these jobs!
Thanks, Ian.
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