Rolls-Royce Hereitage Trust books

While at Dayton and the USAF Museum, we took the opportunity to buy some of the
RRHT books in the Museum bookshop. They were generally $14.95 each and we get
membership discount of 20% on top of that.
The book on Roy Fedden by Bill Gunston was first, previously published
commercially as 'By Jupiter" but now out of print. The RRHT version is called
simply "Fedden". This one was $19.95 BTW.
"The Merlin 100 Series" was the second, $14.95.
"Boxkite to Jet", the story of Frank B Halford was the third one we bought,
$19.95, and lastly we bought a reprint of the Stanley Hooker/Harry Reed/Alan
Yarker publication "The Performance of a Supercharged Aero Engine", $9.95.
Two seriously nice books on the B29 and B36 had to be left behind, both of which
were too heavy to be incorporated into our dwindling luggage space. In fact we
eneded up buying another suitcase on the Saturday as we did indeed run out of
The membership discount on what we eventually staggered up to the cash desk with
was effectively the same as our membership fee, so reasonably cost-effective.
The museum has no admission or car parking charges and is located south of
Dayton, Ohio at Wright Patterson AFB.
Peter & Rita Forbes
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Camden Miniature Steam Services, Rode, Bath, UK list a couple of books in the RR Heritage series - Merlin and whatever it was that used to push Vulcans and Concordes along :-)
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That would be the Olympus in various marks.
Kim is a member of the RRHT, I must ask him about the book pricing.
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It is well worth joining the RRHT if you want to buy their books. Members get a good discount, plus you get their interesting magazines.
I have all their books, and get each new one as it arrives. Many of them are very good, eg Feddon, and the recent one about Bulman.
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Looking at the Member and non-member pricing, we still did pretty well, the USAF museum price being a little bit over the RRHT member's prices, but we then got a further 20% discount as members of the "Friends of The USAF Museum". I didn't download the pdf order form, so didn't see if postage was extra or not.
The Fedden book is £10 for members or the RRHT, say $17.50. The USAF Museum ticket price is $19.50 and the 20% discount makes it $15.60 or thereabouts. Non RRHT member price is £15.00 or $26.25. Prices based on $1.75 to the £STG.
The USAF Friends programme for overseas members is $40.00 per year, and you get 4 quarterly magazines which are good, plus I think we get a calendar each year. By the time we had spent our money in the shop, the discount came to $38 so almost paid for the membership.
Although Dayton is a little bit off the beaten track for tourists, it is well worth a visit, and the whole thing is completely free of charge, which makes it an even better deal for us.
Most US airlines fly commuter links to Indianapolis IN, Ft Wayne IN or Columbus OH, these being the closest main airports. We flew to Chicago and then Ft wayne on our visit, taking a hire car for our local travel.
Peter -- Peter A Forbes Prepair Ltd, Luton, UK
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I worked at Bristol Siddeley Engines in the 'sixties and was (amongst other things) a runner from the Met Lab to Development Power Plant Design, Ramjet and the Test Centre when the Oly 593D was being developed for both the TSR2 and Concorde.
I took up life membership of the Trust when it was first formed. I rarely go to much as it's a trek across town in the rush hour to get to the monthly talks which are always at 6.00pm.
I've got most of the books on enginey things and excellent value they are too.
Thoroughly recommend them to this forum, both books and the RRHT.
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