Portland Pictures

We have finalised the 34 pages of pictures from our week in the USA, including
the USAF Museum at Dayton, Ohio, the Tri-State Engine Show at Portland and the
morning we spent at the Indianapolis Speedway Hall of Fame.
As usual, we have created a menu-based listing with large thumbnails, enabling a
good view of the pictures without needing to download the page with the picture
We have not put captions on anything at all, yet, but will be updating during
the coming weeks with input from our team of engine spotters on the Lists.
There are 600+ pictures, a bit of a record for us, but it was a good trip and we
had the opportunity to freely snap at anything of interest, and at Portland
especially there was plenty to see!
We took 2 cameras this year in case of any problems, but the main camera
performed flawlessly, although we had to use extra batteries each day because of
the amount we used it and the fact that flash was used a lot to balance up the
There have been access problems on Oldengine.org today, we had delays in
connecting earlier on but it seems better now (9pm UK Time)
The structure of the directory is such that there are 34 pages with interlinking
url's at the bottom of each page. Thus you can jump between pages at will. Note
that at present the main menu does not have the link to the start of the new
directory, you will have to enter by the following url:
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If you accidentally exit to the main menu you will have to come back in through
this url.
If you missed anything at Portland, you might find it in the pages as you browse
through. Note that the USAF pictures are pages 1 to 8, Portland are pages 9 to
28 and Indianapolis are pages 28 to 34.
Enjoy, and let me know if you have any linking problems or non-operating pages.

Peter & Rita Forbes
Engine pages for preservation info:
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Peter A Forbes
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martin hirst
Due to a few problems with the Oldengine server yeaterday, we now know that some of the thumbnails were not transmitted, giving blank position on some pages.
The whole set were re-sent this morning, and I have checked every page to make sure that they all come up correctly.
The intentional blanks on pages 28 (6) and 34 (2) have been removed.
I will modify the main menus tonight so that the new pages can be accessed from the front page, there is a blank space there ready for it, I just didn't get the time last night to do all of the menus in each section of the site.
Peter -- Peter A Forbes Prepair Ltd, Luton, UK snipped-for-privacy@easynet.co.uk
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Prepair Ltd
i enjoyed your pictures. i recognised a couple of engines that i saw at portland. that was my first go at portland. i didn't spend the whole day because of my shabby landing gear, but it was a great show. that big packard engine was cheap, i thought, at $1800. it was a lot for the buck. thanks again, peter. sammmmm
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What a stunning set of pictures! Excellent, Peter your hard work continues to be appreciated.
Anyone have any ideas what this interesting beast is? Looks like a Scott PAB that came upon a Kawasaki KH750 one dark noght ;o))
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Kim Siddorn,
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J K Siddorn
I haven't had time to caption everything yet, but that is a three-cylinder Lutz engine, accompanied by (next picture IIRC) a horizontal Lutz with opposed pistons (the red one with just a shot of the rear end whizzing round) both petrol BTW. The 3-cyl one looks marinish but was out of a tractor by all accounts, and then look at the big 4-cylinder air-cooled engine in the Indianapolis pictures, towards the end of the series IIRC.
I think the big Packard may have been opposed piston, and to complete the saga, I was speaking today with a man who says he has a 2-cylinder Junkers diesel out of a lifeboat/motor boat from one of the German ships used as a supply vessel in the war for one of the big raiders.
I asked him to let me know if he ever wanted to get rid of it.... :-)) -- Peter & Rita Forbes snipped-for-privacy@easynet.co.uk Engine pages for preservation info:
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Peter A Forbes
I second that, but I have a complaint to make!
There are too many excellent photos to study but too little time and bandwidth. Seeing them makes me realise why you make the effort to go Peter. Thanks for sharing, as they say on Harry's!
Regards, Arthur G
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Arthur Griffin & Jeni Stanton

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