Portland Pictures

All twelve pages are up and working, I have put quick jump links between the
pages at the bottom of each page.
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The USAF Museum pictures will be done during the week hopefully, work schedules
Peter & Rita Forbes
Engine pages for preservation info:
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Peter A Forbes
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Peter, I've finally made time to got through your pages of photos, and I must congratulate you on what can only be called a 'tour de force'.
I like your nice big thumbnails, which are an improvement on the little webshots ones, where you can't see much at all.
Well done on photographing two New-Ways, including one just like mine and marked 1917.
I'm now even more jealous of your trip than I was before.
Regards, Arthur G
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Arthur Griffin
congratulate you on what can only be called a 'tour
webshots ones, where you can't see much at all.
I deliberately uprated the thumbnails to 267 X 200 from 133 X 100 as it was not a good enough picture IMO to be able to see anything much at all at the lower size.
The main pictures are 538 X 403 mainly, while the USAF pic's will be slightly better than that, thumbnails will remains at 267 X 200.
Glad you enjoyed them, it was really nice editing the pictures and recalling the hot days and the rib-eye steaks! The other thing we lived on was thick-shakes, vanilla flavoured and nice and cold :-))
The New-Way manual hit the postbox this afternoon, so should be with you tomorrow.
Kind regards,
Peter Forbes Prepair Ltd Luton, UK email: snipped-for-privacy@easynet.co.uk home: snipped-for-privacy@easynet.co.uk
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Prepair Ltd

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