Portland Pictures

The first 18 or so pictures are sorted/edited and are available for viewing:
formatting link

formatting link

There are about 200 pictures altogether, so we will try and get 18 a night up
and running until we have worked our way through the collection.
There is NO MENU in the Portland subdirectory as yet, so you can only browse
these two pages to start with.
Peter & Rita Forbes
Engine pages for preservation info:
formatting link

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Peter A Forbes
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I am getting "404 page not found"
I have tried other obvious options with the url but still unable to get to the pages.
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Pete Aldous
Peter, Nice pictures, looks like you had the weather. I like that big F-M Y. I suppose it must be two-stroke? It looks Petterish. Regards, Arthur G
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Arthur Griffin
What an excellent show report and pictures!
Well done Peter, I do hope your submitting a précised version to SE magazine, it must be worth four pages!
Kim Siddorn
I'd rather have a free bottle in front of me than a free frontal lobotomy!
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J K Siddorn
It isn't finished yet.... :-))
I have the next three pages laid out but am stuck at work with an 'end of the month' job to get out :-)) that will bring the numbers up to 144 images, and another three pages after that will see it all finished. Then I have to do the picture titles...
The sales area pictures, USAF museum and other delights are yet to come.....
The camera battery lasted well, we still had an hours use left at the end of the day, and 150+ images was the most we got up to in one day.
We picked up the new Mavica (ebay purchase) while over there, but didn't need it as the older one performed flawlessly. One thing I would like is a mild telephoto lens, I miss the 135mm I had on the Contax.
Philip was shooting 35mm slide film most of the time, but he must have got through a few spools of film in the whole week he was there.
Kind regards,
Peter Forbes Prepair Ltd Luton, UK email: snipped-for-privacy@easynet.co.uk home: snipped-for-privacy@easynet.co.uk
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Prepair Ltd

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