Woodland Swap Meet etc

Hi to everyone from sunny California, its been 92 degrees F here today and wall-to-wall sunshine. It doesn't get any better...

We will be going to the swap meet tomorrow (26th) and will be looking out for New Way clutches for Arthur and oiler parts for Roly.

Went to Castle AFB museum today, after visiting the Heidrick Agricultural and Truck museum at Woodland, both very much worth a visit.

Flight was very good if unusually bumpy in parts, we have a huge pile of stuff to bring back with us, hope we don't run out of space.... have got Roly's USB card reader, and also came across a cheap DVD player that we found an internet hack for to make it any region compatible. It does PAL and has 110/230V input...

We are doing the usual things with Tim that we do, unfortunately his wife is in the UK through her mother being taken ill, and I haven't been in touch this week as easynet were having severe problems with their server.

Have taken 200+ pictures so far, have yet to get to the Hiller Museum for more shots of the R4360 engine, and we are planning another trip to the City of SanFrancisco on Monday.


-- Peter

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I wondered why you were so quiet!

It was bloody cold outside the Anson today, but we really loved it!

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