Last flight of the year?

We enjoyed an unusually warm day for November 26th today, mid 50s and the
wind wasn't too bad except for the occassional strong gust.
I got 3 flights in on the Tiger Stick. Good thing, too. Freezing rain and
snow blowing in overnight into tomorrow and the forecast for next week calls
for more snow and temperatures down in the teens.
Sounds like it's about time to put the after run oil to good use and put the
glow planes up until spring. Most of my flying for the next few months will
be on the G3 simulator, I'm afraid.
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Ed Paasch
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No to gloat (but I'm gonna.. heheh) but I'll be flying pretty much all winter. Ahh, the joys of $3.00/gallon gasoline, giant mortgages and 300+ days of sunshine a year.. :)
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The OTHER Kevin in San Diego
Going to be 85 today here in North Texas...
But we have had a temperature at night of 32 already this year !
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Not to be a smart ass, BUT I started flying in may of 1997, and have managed to find AT LEAST one decent day to go fly every month since then. In fact, I remember one Jan 1 when the temp hit the 60's and just a gentle breeze. We had a great time flying.
I will admit that it gets a little more difficult to catch a flying day when you are limited to weekends and holidays, but I never "mothball" my planes for the winter.
YMMV bob
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Bob Cowell
Naaaa...don't think you are being that : ).
Yep, I don't "mothball" mine either. Heck, I have planes that I SHOULD HAVE done that too cause they stay home mostly. Like you, I find an occasional day December through February to just have to keep your banger plane in flight ready condition : ).
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Got a GWS Pico J3 Park Flyer in car. 0 degrees F this morning (that's -18 C for those metrically inclined), and I fully intend to pop out during lunch and sling it around the nearby park. I don't know that I'll ever seriously go back to wet engines for this very reason.
Eric Amundsen Rochester, MN
Ed Paasch wrote:
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I have electrics, glow, and gas planes, and I'm not planning to go exclusively to any one power system.
Of course, we DO get more than one day of summer here in Nebraska ;-)
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Bob Cowell

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