Anyone had any experience with the Vmar line of ARFs?

I'm considering purchasing a new Vmar Arrow Tiger 46/52 ARF from an online
retailer. Would be interested in hearing from anyone who has experience
with their planes ie, quality/durability.
Thanks in advance!
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Durability / RC Model? Hummm, do these two go together? In my experience, if they don't crash they slowly fall apart given enough time. Also Hanger Queens don't count. Ya gotta fly em or they ain't no good.
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Mike Gordon
Get ready for all the cusing,complaining,flaming and whatever when you ask about VMAR. Most of the net is negative when it comes to this make.. HOLD ON!! not everyone.... I'm very satisfied with my VMAR planes.I've had an Edge for three years with mucho' flights on it and it's still going strong.Kinda heavy but flies very solid.
I bought the Arrow Tiger about 6 months ago and it's a real looker (red) and a nice plane for the price.You'll like it. It looks a lot better in person than on the Richmond site for sure.I had a Irvine 53 with a 12X6 and it was a very good flier. The only thing is that it stalled to the rite on landing if you slow down too much.I fixed that by raising both ailerons two clevis turns up.That did the trick.It was a fun flier after that. It met its demise when the engine quit,
I don't know if I still have the letter from Richmond r/c, but when I put mine together the CG stated in the manual is way off (incorrect for dang sure) I wrote them and they sent me a message of corrections....Just don't go by the CG stated in the manual unless of course they've corrected it.
By it you'll like it Happy flying.
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Thanks for the post! Since posting my message I did a search on old posts (yeah... should have done that before posting... however.. turns out there are only a couple past posts about the tiger). Many of the posts refer to older models... given the Tiger is a bit newer... I'd hope the quality is a bit better.
What did you think of the covering on the Tiger? I've heard the polycote is not as tough as mono/ultra cote. Thoughts? Also... was you tiger balsa/ply and is the wing foam core or built up?
When the engine quit on your Tiger was it just bad timing/attitude... or it the plane overly unruly without power. I do enjoy the occasional deadstick... if only to get the adrenalin pumping!
Thanks again!
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I have a Tiger and It is a great flier. The "polycote' has a fine thin clear coating over it like a saran-wrap or such which slowly peels off after some flying. No significant problem other than the undercoat is a bit duller, yet fuel has not presented any problem. It is a real quick-build machine. I have a very old (30 years) ST Blue Head in mine and it has power to spare. I modified the control hook-up to suit me as I personally don't care for screw connections on primary controls. Still, it is the best system I have ever seen in an ARF. The plastic cover under the muffler area will start cracks rather quickly, but some Celastic put a fix on that. Darn good deal for an Arf. BTW, I added 9 ounces to the nose to bring the CG up to my computed 25% of MAC for the initial flights. Now running 6oz. for a 28% CG and I like that very well.
I built one for a club raffle and itseems that one will need about 6-8 oz. with their .46 in it. Enjoy!!
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I just bought a Dornier DO27 from them. I have not flown it yet.
Comments: The plane looks great. Seems heavy, but I'm going to use a Saito 72, so it should be OK.
There were a few small parts missing, but I called them and they said they would send them to me. Assuming the parts get here from Canada, I was pleased with their service.
The manual has full color pictures, but is lacking in how to mount the engine and trim the fiberglass cowling. I'm relatively new and have never had to deal with a cowl yet.
I used polyurethane to seal the fuel tank area, and its solvent casued the polycote to release outside the sealant. At hot iron studk it back down to the balse sheeting though.
This plane looks REALLY good. Nothing like it at our club. I'm really looking forward to flying it.
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I did a search before buying my VMAR Edge and if I'd listened to that,no way would I have bought it but I like to judge things for myself and went ahead and bought it ($169)..Glad I did...It's been a nice plane. The quality is a lot better. I called Kelsy at Richmond and ask him what I was getting for $129.That's awful cheap.He said that was an introductory price and that it would go up.
The covering on any VMAR is better looking than anything I've seen in arf's.If you crack it up bad,it'll be hard to match the covering after repairing it due to the many graphics.You can order new covering from Richmond R/C. Maybe not perfect but even if it didn't fly well (and it does),it's always the prettiest plane at the field..Bar none.An eye catcher.The covering on both of my VMARS are just as tough as Mono or any of the others. NOW,if it sits in the hot sun,you'll have bubbles for sure but you can let it cool and iron it down,and if you let any ARF sit in the hot Texas sun,you'll have the same problem.Not a biggie.. The VMAR line of planes have NO balsa in them at all. It's something like tung wood.A bit heavier but tuffer than balsa. The wing is built up,not foam..
It's demise was my fault.Initally the engine died on take off and took a hard landing. The fuse was pretty messed up and I repaired that,The wings sheeting was cracked and I shot CA in on the cracked sheeting with a needle.It felt like I had the wing repaired but making a turn for an approach,I lost eight inches of the wing tip rite where I had repaired it.The rest was history.I guess the spar was cracked and I didn't know that.The wing tip went one way and the rest the other.It was destroyed so that wasn't the planes fault. The plane is like any plane.It'll stall if it goes too slow. Hope this helps. Walt
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Messenger/Cain I sent yall email on the VMAR Arrow Tiger
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I have flown several nice VMar ARF's. I currently have the RV-4 flying with a ST.61 and a 3 blade prop. Flies very well.
I like the looks and the price. The durability is fine but there are a few shortcomings with the kits I have had. Hardware is weak, check the glue joints, even a misaligned axle hole. But overall, I'd say I am happy with them. Can't beat the looks for the price, plus there are some models there you can't find elsewhere!.
Have fun with it!
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