Anyone in the New Orleans area ?

The Crescent City Model Railroad Club is ready to make the switch to
To help with the funds needed, I've been cleaning the accumulations
from under the layout and the meeting room. It's been about 18 years
since I've done a good cleaning so you can imagine the crap that has
piled up. Some items are GREAT, some are things I can't imagine anyone
wanting but as they say, my junk is your treaure.
Besides the 50+ boxes of assorted "stuff" from scenery items,
buildings, electrical, transformers, 15 hoggers, 200+ weathered freight
cars with Kadees, trestles, tunnel portals plus boxes of crap that I
have no idea what it worth to anyone, one of our members who is an
engineer is getting rid of BOXES and BOXES of timetables, rules books
and all that kinds of crap to fill 3 pick up
trucks..................................Mostly Southern from the
70's-early 90's, New Orleans Lower Coast, IC and CNIC.
We will most likely do an informal "swap meet" in the middle or end of
July. We have enough "stuff" to fill the clubroom but will allow
anyone in the area to back up their car or pickup near the door and
sell or swap their stuff for free. If you makie anything
decent....................make a donation to the club as you see fit..
It's not about the big shows and charging high prices etc, it's about
the HOBBY, not the "business".
If interested, drop me a line but no matter what, I will post a date
Thanks for you interest.
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Hey Mike,
How y'all been? I was down your way a few years back for a Microsoft conference and got in on an op session with your gang. Had a great time and will look you up again if I get back that way.
This is the first I'd heard from any of you since Katrina. How did your guys, building, and layout fare in the storm? I was hoping y'all were OK. Figured the layout would probably be OK if the roof stayed on the building, flooding not a concern with the layout room being well above ground level.
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The only damage to the clubhouse was when the large oak tree across the street split in half and the half that fell took out the powerlines and yanked the box off the front of the building. We did have a little eind driven rain through the roof vents that soaked some boxes of "stuff" in the lower room.
Other than no 4electrical for 2 months......( a little hard to run trains ) we did fine.
However, we have lost quite a few members because of relocations etc. which is causing some concern as far as money goes. Even with that said we are in pretty good financial shape. We own the building so all we have to cover is expenses.
I don't know if the renovation to the Spanish Fort / Willoughby / 69th street yard had taken place when you were down. If not, that whole area was inverted with a spillway south of Spanish Fort added and a decent size petro chemical plant added. The approach to Crescent city was opened up fairly wide for a nice view as you come in to McNally yard but I could never feel what I wanted to see there until the storm. The whole Crescent city area is being modeled POST Katrina along with flood lines on the buildings and no power ( easy to model a "dark" city with no lights). Part of the area is finished and looks pretty good. Blue tarps on the roofs and utility trucks working etc.
We are hoping to raise enough funds from the garage sale so that we have enough to make the DCC jump right after the Christmas show. Right now we are about 50% there.
The other major change coming up is a complete revamp of that damn 40' x 8' middle orb that loops back on itself. I was able to layout some plans that will allow us to but two orbs in it's place but only give up about 12' of the 180' run of that orb. The new sections will include a 40' river front bulk cargo transfer. Hopefully we will be able to get that done starting in January of 08.
If you get back down to the area give us a shout. Our operations have changed quite a bit since switching to Rail ops and we changed the fast clock to a 12:1 and it better suits our run up the division to Natchez.
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