STOLEN R/C Equipment in the Atlanta area!!!!!!!!!

I live on the south side of Atlanta. This past week someone took the time to unscrew about 20+ screws holding the plywood and facer boards to gain access to the storage shed where my dad, brother and myself store our R/C equipment. The following items were removed:

1 - Goldberg Cub -Red w/ white starburst pattern with OS FS90 1 - Goldberg Cub -Yellow & blue Navy trainer pattern w/ servos and OS FS 70 1 - Miss Martha (don't remember the color, it was by brother's). Has OS46FX and custom machined high-speed wheels. 1 - I believe .60 AT-6 Texan in traditional trainer scheme missing the wing (was in another location). 1 - Sig Kadet LT-40 white/red customer bomb bay w/ top loading hatch. OS FS 70. 1 - Futaba 6XA 1 - JR 6ch 2 or 3 Futaba 4ch

This person may be also trying to unload several pieces of lawn care equipment as well. Stilh back-pack and hand head gas blowers. Stihl chainsaw. Stihl bushking (weed-easter with saw blade) and a homelite edger. The individual in question may also being trying to unload a Yerg Dog gokart.

Anyone that may have seen any of this stuff or heard anything please email me: As much as I would love to get this stuff back I would really like to see this guy behind bars.

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