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Em segunda-feira, 22 de novembro de 1999 às 06:00:00 UTC-2, C. Zeni escreveu: > > In dog years, I'm dead. EMD model is cool
Re: Lionel vs. American Flyer: a debate
Joshua Lionel Cowen was a douche who tried to cut corners because he was too cheap to insulate the wheels on his trains like American Flyer did, so he created an abortion with his three rail...
Download JetTabs For Elementor
Download JetTabs For Elementor. Here is the Download link for lowest price: =>>>...
Re: Cannonball Car Shops - Still in Business
I dont suppose anyone knows how to get ahold of Merle now 22 years after this posting was . Last was 2 years ago chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/ but I would love to find out info...
Gutzold loco motor V180 190/G20 or G19 (looking to buy)
Motor for a Gutzold loco, V180 190/G20 or G19. This type of motor could also be in other types of Gutzold locos. Thanks - John
Roco loco ho buffers (looking to purchase)
Roco loco ho buffers Roco part numbers - 98989, 98990, or 88540. Please let me know if you have some to sell or know of a source in the U.S. - thanks - John
anyone know of N-scale templates for beginners?
New Train Club & Coffee drinking Society While most of the guys want to make a rail road, I want to make the models. So, trying to figure out scale layouts and the like. Confusing a bit, what else is...
McHenry Couplers HO scale IHC product 2723
I am trying to find the closest MHC code for a knuckle spring coupler that is approx one and one eighth inches between the center of the coupler and the center of the attaching hole. MCH 52 is about a...
Double E
I am a 76 year old ex-Brooklyn resident who rode ?the double E? ?? a thousand times in my youth. 1 branch of the NYC transit system is called the IND (Independent) line. The express trains were the E...
animated train signs
I would like to share a site that offer the ability to display animated train arrival and departure signs. In addition to signs that use a Windows PC, the signs can also be produced on tiny screen...
Selling Train Collection
Hello, I am new to this site. My father in law recently passed leaving a train collection of mostly pre war but some post war trains. Any ideas who might be interested in buying the whole collection?...
Switch list Vs Waybills
I am setting up operations and would like to know, if you operate your railroad using switch lists or waybills, or nothing at all, and why you use one over the other. Both seem very labor intensive....
Storage of rolling stock
I all, I have been away from the group for a long time. Back now with a question about how everyone stores their rolling stock off the layout. I have the plastic "office carts" and would like to know...
Micro Controlled Scratch Built Turntable
I am at the control stage of my scratch built turntable. My intent is to ro tate the table with a bipolar NEMA 3 motor, via belt and pulley. I am using an Arduino micro control board in conjunction...
Eishindo T Gauge is Real
When I heard about T gauge, along with ZZ gauge, on Wikipedia, it appeared that these were merely abortive attempts at a smaller gauge than Z. However, I've come across a site, that is currently...