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Hello all My name is Scott and I live in Red Bluff, California USA. I have always loved mechanical things, especially engines though I am fairly new to collecting. About 18 years ago a relative gave me a Briggs & Stratton Model WMB washing machine engine. It is complete except for the manifold, flex exhaust hose and ball silencer. It runs like a champ. I may hook it to an arbor with a wire wheel and buffer. My second find was a Wisconsin model AHH coupled to an Essick M20 water pump mounted on what looks like a home made trailer fabricated from an auto front end, possibly a Ford model A. This is the link to my Web Shots page if anyone cares to take a look:

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The carb and mag are off at this time for refurbishing. They are actually done but will not be remounted until other repairs are completed. The motor spins freely with a hint of compression. I suspect a stuck valve or bad seat. I will get around to tearing it down later this year.The carb is a Zenith and the mag is Fairbanks Morse. My third engine is a Waukesha model ICK 4 cyl. It runs well. The mag was rebuilt by the prior owner. I need to mount it on a base with a support for the crank handle and a radiator. I am not sure yet what I want to power with it. My other interests are aviation and hiking. I don't have my pilots license yet but I do a fair bit of flying with friends I have friends who own various aircraft from an Aeronca Champ to a P-51. I will post some aviation pics on my page in future if anyone is interested. I have posted a few aircraft engine pics of a Merlin and a P&W R-4360 owned by the same chap that has the P-51. He also has a few old motors including a Vertical Cushman and a verry large Fairbanks Morse 3 cyl 2 stroke diesel. I don't have any pics of them yet but I will try to get some soon. Well enough allready I am running on a bit. Feel free to let me know if any of you are planning to be in northern California area. Happy Easter all. Sincerely; Scott McAfee

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Hi Scott:

Welcome to the newsgroup!

You will find a lot of interesting subjects here, including the occasional off-topic post, but generally it's pretty much engine related.

Have you seen the sectioned R-4360 at the Hiller Aviation Museum ? worth a trip just to see that. I have been there three times now and have put up a lot of photos of that on my website.

We visit Ca every April now for the Tulare engine show, also worth a visit if you want to see lots of old iron.


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