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HI All My name is Paul Thompson and I worked for the Southern
Railway as a Carman at the Alex. VA. yard from 76 to 90 until they
closed her down,also my Step Father C.T. Brown worked fright &
passenger service for 42 years. Hope to hear from all of you soon.
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Welcome aboard. Many of us are modelers with limited to zero experience with the real thing, so we would love to hear how the prototype really works in real life from someone who used to work there.
David Starr
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David J. Starr
Welcome, Paul, from another Paul aka "The CB&Q Guy".
Lot's of good info here to be had, just ignore what you're not interested in and the political stuff.
"Paul - The CB&Q Guy" (Modeling 1960's In HO.)
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The CB&Q Guy

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