Hi, Todd, and all ... about living next to the yards ...

Yeah, right ... who WOULD want to live anywhere else?

I grew up in the 40's at Laramie, Wyo, my folks were deep into the U.P., and I was on a "4000" (what they now call the U.P. Bog Boy) before I was six ..

Long time past, whole way of life changed and gone ..

But you are right .. I grew up across the street from the yards in Laramie and now, at the end of my life I still live right across the street from the yard ... at Eugene ..

I didn't plan it, it just worked out that way ...

Heh, heh ... of course, now it is almost at the point where we are afraid to take pics for fear of being thought terrorists or something ... but I really have interest in Oregon's small utility lines like Williamette and Pacific that serve the lovcal mils ..

They have a lot of colorful modern engines that would be great for modeling ... and of course the goods old U.P. jas her wings over all ...

Oh, BTW: my e-mail is: snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com in case anyone wants to write ... I like to hear from folks ... sort of housebound these days ..

Best to all of y'all ...


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When I was doing my under-grad degree, I lived in Towers East at Marshall. If you lived on the south side of the building you could see the Huntington shops and yard, and If you lived on the North side you could see the ACF facilities and the Ohio River. I managed to live on both sides eventually and spent many an afternoon, not studying and watching the trains and tugs on the river...

Claude Allen.


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Claude H. Allen

Jimi & all!

Sorry to here you are housebound. If you are interested, I can shoot some digital pix of the BNSF here and send'm to ya. BNSF only as I haven't found any short lines ... yet, Amtrak is it is late. I probably can get from the West side of Troy to the West portal of the Flathead tunnel as there seems to be access ( somewhat ) to lineside. In fact, the portion of the Kootenai river between Libby and Troy are also fishing entrances so the BN is used to cars and stuff. As a side note, even a day or so after the Brits got bombed the BNSF crews were still waving and honking at this nut.

Ya'll might enjoy this one. I was coming down from the tunnel and was just about where the Fisher river joins the Kootenai sitting at a crossing waiting for the Eastbound. CTC has the signal lit and I knew something was a coming. There was a blob on the track and I couldn't quite make it out. Put on the long lense and here were three deer ( Doe and two fawns ) attempting to cross. One of the fawns seemed to be stuck or otherwise not moving. Enter the BNSF Eastbound from around the corner. Hogger started blowing the horn, turning the ditch lights on and off and such. I couldn't tell how close they were, but the horn seemed to get more and more frantic. Mom kept getting out between the rail then going back trying to get the fawn to follow. Geesh. Thought that we were gonna have a splat. Finally got out of the way and everybody relaxed.

From what I have seen around here, the above almost must be SOP as there are deer everywhere. It is hard going anywhere WITHOUT seeing some!



Jimi wrote:

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Todd Hackett

Hi, Todd ..

I don't mind being housebound much ...

I see alot of good train action right from my window ..

No deer here though, HOWEVER ... a few years ago we did have an urban coyote who was raiding trash cans along the tracks for a while, now disappeared ... and of course possoms and raccoons all over the place ...

I was going to try to get out and drive around a bit and get some shots of the local lines here that have some pretty lovely paint jobs on some of these engines ...

and of course there is a U.P. siding where there is often a line of heavy ladies, diesel freight engines waiting for assignment, maybe I can get pix of xome of them sooner or later ..

It take me a while though .. don't hold yer breathe .. and besides they look at ya funny these days if ya take pix of trains ...

Have a happy ..

Jim >Jimi & all!

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