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hi I'm a bar as so many in this hobby seems to be:)
It all started a month before x-mas I was picking my brain.
My son is allmost 7 years and suddenly I had this bright idea, how
about rockets?
I used to do this as a youngster and needless to say the program on
discovery really inspired both me and my son.
Well NOW I'm hooked:)
I'm hoping to try out for level 1 cert this spring ,summer.There is a
big competition in Alberta Canada at a place called lake ROC and it's
only 20hrs away from BC where I live.
Since me and my wife has talked about going to the rockies for the
past 10 years this seems to be the perfect timing for it.
Right next to the competition there is a place called Tyrrell museum
with a huge Dinosaur exhibit and there is a whole park with dino
skeletons as well.
I'm joining the BCRC it's the Provincial rocket club here in BC and
cant wait for the weather to pick up.
Normally we never have snow but at the moment it's snowing again
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I have heard nothing but positive things about that event. I have heard it referred to as Roc Lake and as Lethbridge as well. It is the proposed site for LDRS-2005 (July TRA Nationals).
I hope to see you there in 2005.
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Jerry Irvine
Hi Mike,
Welcome back, I too am a recent BAR from Calgary. I missed ROC Lake last year, but won't this year! In fact I plan to be flying there. And I hope to meet the people behind the names on rmr at LDRS, 2005.
You may also want to check out some HPR events that the Lethbridge and Edmonton clubs are planning for this spring. Not sure if their websites,
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the dates yet but I know the plans are in the works.
BTW, you could be here, we got snow and -25C tonight :-0
Have a good one,
Ken Baldwin CAR S825 replace nospam with telus to reply
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Ken Baldwin
welcome, Mike!
your mighty lucky to live on your side of the fence, IMO, although I wouldn't want your winters ;) my wife's uncle is in a ritzy suburb of Toronto, and we stayed last summer at his cottage near the beach at Lake Wasaga. Something like this
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what an incredible beach for the kids! It is warm and shallow water out for 200 yards it seemed! I never had to worry about them, and they had a blast!
welcome, and who knows? perhaps I'll get to see you in Geneseo, NY for LDRS 23!
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- iz
mike wrote:
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Ismaeel Abdur-Rasheed
this is a great example of a useful post
pertinent, empowering, and with helpful cites
thanks Mike!
- iz
Ken Baldw> Hi Mike,
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Ismaeel Abdur-Rasheed
Glad you could make it to the party! When was the show aired in Canada? One thing we heard from our Canadian brothers was the show was nowhere to be seen.....did you pull it off a dish or did Discovery wake up and show it there later?
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Chuck Rudy

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