The Launch Pad Company

I sent an order to TLP just before I heard it closed up. I had just
emailed them and asked if they could provide a certain kit. The answer
of course was yes.
Has anyone ordered from TLP this last fall and had their check cashed
but received no rockets from this company.
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Kenneth Jarosch
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It's been months since the last time I've seen the question asked. I've seen no response either way.
Joel. phx
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Joel Corwith
Thanks Joel The Web Site is still out there. In early October they were still answering their email and accepting orders.
From what you say this must have been questioned much earlier. Ken
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Kenneth Jarosch
Earlier this year (mid-summer?) I'd sent an order in and didn't hear from them for quite a while. Took a couple of emails but I did get the kit.
I'm afraid that getting stuff from TLP is somewhat of a crap-shoot. Understandable, given Chuck's situation, but sad nonetheless. Hopefully Chuck can come back or perhaps someone else can pick up the TLP torch and carry it forward.
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Scott Oliver
I have since received an email from Chuck explaining his problem. Been there done that , so I told him that when he is up to it he could then fill my order if possible.
Sorry to see his problem and TLP in limbo. Thanks Ken
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Kenneth Jarosch

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