US Rockets failure to deliver "Save Rocketry Now" prize

I haven't posted on any newsgroup in some time, but I needed to bring this
5 months ago, I won a Titan kit from US Rockets along with a pack of Ellis
Mountain E12 motors from Just Rockets.
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Within a few weeks, Just Rockets came through with the prize that they had
donated and that I had won. I thank Just Rockets for coming through in
timely fashion.
Jerry Irvine (US Rockets) on the other hand has sent zilch. The last time I
heard from him was right before Thanksgiving on November 16th; he said that
they were missing the parts and he would get the kit sent out as soon as he
was "back from his business trip".
It is now February 1st and still no Titan kit. I tried emailing him again
last week, but as usual he didn't reply.
How many other people won a US Rockets item from Save Rocketry Now haven't
received their prize yet? I have to wonder why he offered all these
different prizes to this raffle and 5 months later, he has failed to come
through. Shouldn't Mr. Irvine only offer things that he has on hand and is
ready to ship? Better yet, shouldn't Mr. Irvine spend more time with his
business matters instead of wasting it on posting on newsgroups like RMR?;)
I would have kept this matter private, but Jerry's failure to deliver on
this prize that I legitimately won in this raffle has forced my hand. If
Jerry continues to fail to deliver and if there is another Save Rocketry Now
raffle or one like it, I will contact the coordinators not to accept
anything from US Rockets. I paid (donated) my money like everyone else to
this cause and I should surely hope to receive my prize like everyone else.
Richard Burney
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Richard Burney
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Maybe if you ask for "model airplane parts" you will receive something.. (;-)
Seriously though and unfortunately, your not the first to experience this repetitive historical anomaly from Jerry. Good luck..
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W. E. Fred Wallace
heard from him was right before Thanksgiving on
kit sent out as soon as he was "back from his
I had an uncle who spent a lot of time away on "business trips".
Weird thing was, my aunt was always visiting him on weekends and taking him cigarettes, magazines, etc. So if he was that close, why didn't he just come home on weekends?
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As has been posted to rmr, one can simply contact USR (by email) with a request for a "similarly priced" kit and get that instead.
As for the hateful and attacking posts from the usual suspects, you are rude and offtopic.
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Jerry Irvine
I know it's not popular here but I am going to defend Jerry Irvine. I was also a winner in the Save Rocketry raffle and contacted Jerry about a week after the auction was over. He said that the motor casing I had won was back ordered but we worked out an arrangement to exchange a rocket kit of equal value for the casing. That kit plus the other kit I won were delivered within days of talking to him. The kits were in great shape and I donated them to a few children of the people I work with to get them into the hobby.
I know there are some bad feelings toward Jerry here and I can't comment on any past indiscretions. All I can say is he did what he said he would and I wouldn't have a problem dealing with him again.
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Have you tried to use those E12 motors yet. All of the Ellis E12 motors I've seen have a huge failure rate. Like 80%. I contacted them directly and got no response. Funny, because when i contacted them months before just to ask a question about their products I got a response.
My reaction to this was to place a $500 order for Aerotech motors.
-Fred Shecter NAR 20117
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As has been posted to rmr, you, jerry irvine of us rockets, does not respond to email queries regarding undelivered prizes.
How is discussing us rockets failure to deliver "Save Rocketry Now" prizes, in a thread titled: "US Rockets failure to deliver "Save Rocketry Now" prize", considered "rude and offtopic" by you?
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Dave Grayvis
Do you have any specifics on the mode of failure on the smaller Ellis SU motors? I haven't actually seen any Ellis motors lit but I have heard that the failure rate is rather high. Some of those Ellis SU motors would be perfect for my smaller stuff, but I'd also would like to *keep* my smaller stuff.
Ted Novak TRA#5512 IEAS#75
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Two modes: 1) Blow apart at ignition. And "NO" the nozzle was in no way clogged or obstructed by the igniter! 2) Motor ignites fine and the rocket proceeds to great altitude and at the moment when propellant burnout should occur, the motor casing is blown to bits. Not much left of those rockets.
Until the manufacturer publicly states what is wrong and how they intend to fix it, I personally suggest not using them at all.
-Fred Shecter NAR 20117
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Kits can be ordered from USR directly and you pay after you get it so there is no financial risk.
The purpose of offering prizes is to encourage the rest of the world to order from folks who support important efforts like SaveRocketry, EMRR, rocket materials and others.
USR provided about 20% of ALL the prizes for SRN. The proceds went to the ATF lawsuit.
The purpose of trolls is to annoy without actually DOING anything positive themselves.
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Jerry Irvine
Hi Jerry,
Good to see you responding to posting for a change. So you say by paying AFTER I receive products from you, is the way to avoid risks doing business with you ... so the corollary would be: If I did send you money first, there would be risks!?
At least you are being honest about your dishonesty ... that is the first step to recovery I guess?
You giving the ATF lawsuit money, is like the fox giving the farmer some of his chickens back. You have done more to hurt the hobby than any single person in the history of model rocketry. You have stolen 10s of thousands of dollars from partners, individuals, and organizations. You have also given ammunition to anti-rocketry groups, by pulling that "model airplane parts" stunt ... you don't give a rats ass about anybody other that yourself ... it shows.
I say, F&$K you, F&$K your shell companies and products. I will buy Kosdon before you. I will buy Aerotech before you. I will buy Estes/Quest before you. I would rather use the paper towel rolls, before you. The SRN is just a stunt on your part to try and slither your way back into rocketry. We see this stupid, so stop thinking you are smarter than us.
The purpose of a thief is to lure people into security, then steal from them when they are not looking ... as you have done time and time again for over 30 years Jerry.
Well we will just have to be vigilant and look out for your scams.
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Took time but I received my Titan kit. Am currently busy converting and USR Banshee to dual-deploy with the Xavien designed 2.25" electronics bay. Going to use a Perfect Flite altimeter. I've ordered kits before from USR and have no problems whatsoever. I'm glad he generally doesn't bother with chutes as I like to use my own nylon ones anyways. The plastic wrap ones usually end up at chutes for my son's Army men and G.I. Joes.
Kurt Savegnago
Richard Burney wrote:
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and, to remind those of your "repetitive historical anomalies", so those new to RMR will not suffer a criminal experience, as allegedly others have in the past..
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W. E. Fred Wallace
Jerry, in none of your e-mail responses did you ever offer that as an option. I would have been completely fine with that, but you should have said something when it was clear that you were unable to offer the Titan kit to me any time soon. Why did you have Save Rocketry Now post basically fraudulent information about the prizes you could offer... you should only had offered ACTUAL PHYSICAL MERCHANDISE THAT YOU HAD ON HAND AND WERE READY TO SHIP! I could have told Mark Bundick and Kevin Trojanowski that I was going to offer, oh lets say, an actual Space Shuttle! Obviously I don't have one so it would be deceitful for me to offer something I don't have and that I'm not going to probably have anytime soon. Then of course it makes Save Rocketry Now look bad when at least one of the donating parties fails to come through with their promises.
After I e-mailed you in November, I gave you two-and-a-half months to get your affairs squared away and so that you could get through the holiday season with out this bother to worry about. As I already said, I e-mailed you (through US Rocket's e-mail address) again LAST WEEK about this matter. Over a week later you have not replied period... no word on sending the Titan, no offer for something else, NOTHING, NO RESPONSE.
I am going to e-mail you again this evening and this time I expect a prompt response.
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Richard Burney
You should restate that as OFFERED. You didn't physically send the actual prizes to SRN. You gave SRN a list, but how many of those prizes truly existed for keeping the end of your promise?
If another Save Rocketry Now raffle is done, they should demand that donators physically send the items to SRN so no BS like this takes place.
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Richard Burney
No, you promised them, but obviously haven't delivered. You make claims of offering alternatives, yet people can't get you to respond to emails, so those claims are obviously worth about as much as your prize promises.
You're the only one I consistently get emails regarding on this, too. You can make all the claims you want, but to date, they're BS, because as you have done in previous "prize donations", you've failed to deliver the goods.
Until such time as you make good on your promises, sit down and shut up.
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Kevin Trojanowski
Fred, almost two years ago I tried one of those single use Ellis Mountain J125's(?) and the motor catoed on the pad. That same day one or two more of the same motor catoed at that launch (Nebraska Heat VII). Years earlier I remember seeing multiple Ellis Mountain M1000's catoing at a number of launches I attended during 1998 and 1999. Cato, er, Ellis Mountain definitely doesn't have the best rep.
When I saw that I won a set of motors from Ellis Mountain (cato problems) and a kit from US Rockets (Jerry's mixed record), I wondered if Kevin or whoever pulled my tickets was having a sense of humor.;)
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Richard Burney

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