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There's Still Time!!!
Due to the overwhelming positive manufacturer response to the raffle for
the legal expenses incurred by the sport rocket community, we've decided
to extend the deadline to buy tickets. There are some really tremendous
prize packages being assembled by our raffle team, all due to the
generosity of the sport rocket manufacturing community. To make sure as
many people have opportunities to purchase tickets as possible, we'll be
asking our local clubs to consider making raffle tickets available at
their upcoming launches. We'll also be making special arrangements at
national events this summer to promote the tickets.
However, all good things can't go on forever, so we're setting the new
time limit in a slightly different way. Raffle ticket sales will be cut
off at $40,000. When we have sold that amount, we'll cease selling
raffle tickets, get an announcement back out to all raffle ticket holders,
and conduct the raffle within 10 days. If sales fail to reach the
$40,000 target, then the final date for ticket sales will be at the end of
the NAR National Model Rocket Championships (NARAM), August 5, 2005.
Manufacturers have responded to the challenge of protecting our hobby
with their generous donations. Why not show your support, and perhaps
sweeten your range box or workshop with some really excellent
rocketry merchandise? You can see the great list of donations from 27
generous vendors at:
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and you can purchase tickets online with either a credit card or via PayPal
formatting link

And don't forget that every time you buy 5 tickets, we throw in ticket
#6 for free!
Please help support the fight to protect your rights to a safe,
educational and fun hobby.
Mark Bundick, President, National Association of Rocketry
Ken Good, President, Tripoli Rocketry Association
As a footnote, since the dates have changed a bit, for anyone who
participated up to, and including, May 15th, if you would like a refund
of your contribution and it will be done.
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Kevin Trojanowski
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Sorry, no desire at secrecy. Collection to date is $10290, plus at least one pending one I haven't added in yet. I don't know what's in the mail, or what has been submitted via PayPal in the last 12 hours, though.
I will be adding an indicator to the site sometime this week.
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Kevin Trojanowski
That clearly explains the secrecy claim. The TRA list itself is secret!!
"Ray can't see the obvious, even when HE points it out!!"
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Jerry Irvine
Kevin - You're doing a great job, THANK YOU!
Everybody else - As one of the vendors who donated I would like to thank eveybody that has participated. I also realize that putting our legal fight together is a thankless job, but it is very much appreciated. It saddens me to think that our world could loose the future engineers, scientists and who knows who else because of this fight we are having to do. I can't imagine a better way to introduce young minds to science, math and physics then rocketry. Not to mention all of the different types of people the rocketry community has in it that become friends and mentors. All groups will have some problems, but I can say that 99% of the people I have dealt with over the years are fine people! A big thanks to "the rocketry community", I have been lucky and look forward to many years of rocketry.
Best regards, Steve
---------------------- Steven Kosmerchock * XAVIEN * Phoenix, Az USA
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Ray? As jerry pointed out, that's only semi-public, and this is an effort that goes beyond Tripoli.
The current total is $10,580. That does not include anything that might literally be in the mail, nor does it include any PayPal info not yet forwarded to me.
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Kevin Trojanowski
Excellent, thanks!
And thanks for all your efforts to raise money for these good causes.
-- David
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It's not "secret", it's just not available to everyone. But that's beside the point. The real point is that when people asked, the answer was given. David apparently just jumped to the conclusion that there was some kind of "secrecy" regarding the sales totals, without even bothering to ask.
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Is this just a TRA fundraiser? That was not my understanding.
I was just making a conclusion based on the numerous postings that never had the total (one of the first postings did), and the website that never had the total. Don't take Jerry's turn of the word "secrecy" into a consipracy as anything related to what I said.
And, by the way, I am a TRA member that has chosen not to subscribe to the list. Imagine that. Why would I want a bunch more e-mail?
And, I did bother to ask, and Kevin answered. It was all strikingly civil. Then you guys started cat fighting again, like you do after almost every post. It's getting tiring.
-- David
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Especially content-free email.
Um, it got tiring 6 years ago.
Now it is just mindless fixation.
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Jerry Irvine
you think It's been only six years? you ARE on glue!
jerry, it's your fixation, you can have it as mindless as you want.
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Dave Grayvis

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