Save Rocketry NOW...........What's next?

Things To Do
An outline for a successful campaign
Step 1: Collect donations for the ad campaign
Done! We collected over $80,000.00 in revenue for advertising. Thank you!
Frank Uroda is working out the details of the Mega Raffle. There are a
zillion prizes that must be organized (did you see the list??? WOW!)
Personalized tickets will be printed for the drawing. The raffle will be
held in public, hopefully at a local launch by the first week of November.
Step 2: Do something good with the money
Pat Gordzelik, Dan Stroud, and others are working with a production crew and
an astronaut to produce a commercial that will air during the Rocket
Challenge special on the Discovery Channel in November. All the spots will
advertise the new
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(no content yet) website. This site
will be the gateway to all of rocketry. Thank you Andy Hancock for donating
the domain name and the basic site design!
Brent Mcneely is working on the 1/3 page, full color ad that will be placed
in Popular Mechanics magazine starting the first of the year. The ad will be
submitted in just a week or two, but they work months in advance.
Greg Deputy and a group of volunteers will begin work on the
formatting link
site. There will be several "calls for information" from
clubs, vendors, etc. that will be needed for this site. We will use the
formatting link
site to gather this information since it is already
set up with secure forms. The forms will be reconfigured as needed. These
"calls for information" will be announced on ROL, RMR, direct email, and
other sites.
Step 3: Clean house, guests are coming over!
This is where we need your help! The local and national club web sites need
to be cleaned up and made "newbee friendly". In doing e-mailing to all the
clubs, I found that 10% to 15% of the clubs listed on the TRA and NAR site
have incorrect or outdated contact links. I suspect the same is true on
other national group web sites. These should be corrected right away.
The next step is to make sure your site is up to date and all the links
work. Unclutter the pages. Get rid of any flashy (slow loading) icons,
banners, etc.
Grab the prospect interest with the front page. You may not get a second
shot at it. Make the front page of your site welcoming and exciting. A
small, cool rocket picture is worth a thousand words. Put your next launch
date and info right on the front page too. Make is easy for a newbie to
join. Don't just bury a "join" button somewhere on the front page but,
actually "ask" the newbie to join. This is marketing 101. Make them feel
welcome. Tell them the benefits of joining your club; IE, Great launch site,
friendly helpful members, families and spectators welcome, waivers to xxxx
feet, etc.
Put any dirty laundry away in the back pages for the current members. Don't
scare away the new prospects.
When a new member does join, send his membership package right away. Send
along a cover letter thanking him/her for joining. Ask him/her to attend the
next club event, be it a meeting, launch, or even equipment clean-up. Tell
them to bring a friend, kids, or spouse. They will feel more comfortable
than just walking in alone. The people he/she brings may even join. This is
all simple stuff that really works!
We have until November 9th to get our act together. Let's start today!
---Frank R Uroda
---Frank Rocketman Uroda
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Frank U
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What is his email to get links and displays?
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Jerry Irvine
Frank, did you mean
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Art Upton
No Art, we decided that the majority of the public are inclined to zero in on .com domains......(we've been thinkin about this real hard ;-))
Pat G
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correct. .com is it everythig else is second best. period.
Always get the dot com if you can.
Chris Taylor
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Chris Taylor Jr
Nope. People are used to seeing .com
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Frank U
Is it me, or is
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taken by Syonic Tech?
Anyone have an idea how many NAR/TRA members there are?
If I were you guys, I would try to talk to AIA about some of your ideas. They seem to be very interested in getting kids into Aerospace and other aspects of flight. As a kid who was in TARC, and will be going on to Aero/Mechanical Engineering I would say TARC has a HUGE impact. There are already kids launching rockets. In fact ~9 000 last year.
Now I think we need to jump at all the people who already launch rockets. I truly hope this works. I wonder though, what's the aim? Are we trying to recruit HP flyers? or just members? Adults, Kids, families?
I guess save rocketry now is just about getting some broadcasting time, but in my mind I think saving our hobby is going to need so much more than a television commercial. I don't mean to sound like I doubt your efforts. I would say that Estes putting the little NAR information cards in all their kits is the best thing that they have ever done. That's how I found out about rocketry some 8 years ago, and for the other half + of my life I've been obsessed as some say. What a ride it has been.
I'm blown away that 80k was raised. In such short notice! Congratulations.
Let's make an impact!
- Theo McD.
NAR #63494 JR
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Theo McD.
Great tips about improving local club websites! Here's a couple others from a guy who's stuck with dialup...
1. Don't put everything on the first page! I've seen some sites that have entire site all on one page, with a zillion photos.
2. Edit photos down to a reasonable size.
3. Loading the photos one at a time seems to work better than loading them all at the same time.
4. No sounds, at least on the main page! Takes too long to load the page, and if the user is at work or has someone sleeping nearby, it can be a problem.
5. If you absolutely have to have an animated gif, pick one small one and stop there.
6. Try to avoid using any scripts or other features that limit the site to only people who use a specific version of a specific browser.
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Frank, while watching the History Channel, I noticed their banner in the lower left corner. I've also seen Discovery pop up a link to their site during their various 'dinosaurs' shows. If that's open for advertising, might be a good spot that wouldn't be edited out with Tivo. Will Discovery put a link from their site if they pop up one of those 'see' for more information?
Joel. phx
"bring back your childhood" Shot of a parent building a rocket with child fading to B&W of the parent then a child with their parent launching...
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Joel Corwith
As one data point, I HATE those animated ads that go on during programs. FOX and TNN seem to be the worst offenders, with the crap covering as much as a third of the screen at times.
I detest the "bugs" they place in the corner of your screen as well. Aside from being an annoyance, those will cause screen burn on projection TVs. Thanks to those bloody things, a friend of mine has a permanent "SPEED" logo in the corner of his screen.
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Kurt Kesler
"Kurt Kesler" wrote in message
At least it's not "oxygen".
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Now wouldn't that be embarrassing. Almost as bad as a bunny head. ;-)
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Kurt Kesler
Me too. Often, the banners and logos actually hide the most important part of the video image.
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That's what I get. We need to look into this pronto before we try to go live with it.
Scott McCrate NAR 71680
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Scott McCrate
99% of web sites are obsolete, that includes mine.
I hope they will consider developing the site with the web standards recommended by Jeffrey Zeldman.
Further info at
with some fun examples at
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First chickens. Now rabbits. What is it with you and animals anyway?
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Mark B. Bundick mbundick - at - earthlink - dot - net NAR President www - dot - nar - dot - org
"The great enemy of truth is very often not the lie - deliberate, contrived and dishonest - by the myth - persistent, persuasive and unrealistic . . . We enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought." - JFK
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Mark B. Bundick
Unless your outside the CONUS... Your never STUCK with Dial Up.
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Tim Summers
Hmmm... it only works with Windows? What's up with that? Can't they implement these things in such a way that it just looks like a generic ethernet connection?
-dave w
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David Weinshenker
Kewl, you are correct on the .com zero in. I just asked as the .org has an empty page while the .com has a website their. your post said not content yet.
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Art Upton
You are correct that .com is the only domain to use.
I asked because the .com has a consulting website on it, the .org is empty.
the post said, no content yet, so I was confused ?
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Art Upton

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