ROL NEWS--Save Rocketry Now Website Launched

Save Rocketry Now Website Launched
October 7, 2003
Web posted at: 2:04 PM EDT
(ROL Newswire ) -- A new website has been launched for the Save Rocketry
Now campaign. The new site has been established to raise funds for
commercial spots to be aired on television. On November ninth the
Discovery Channel will air "The Rocket Challenge," a fast paced and
highly entertaining show about amateur rocketry. This will draw the
largest audiences and potential interest that amateur rocketry has ever
This is the one chance rocketry has to re-energize its ranks. It's the
hobby's best chance to gain the empathy of the public towards rocketry.
Therefore a drive has been organized to put together a fifteen second
advertisement to run concurrently with each showing. The ad will give
enthused and hyped viewers a web site to help them discover rocketry.
The site will be better designed to market rocketry, to enthuse and
motivate new people to enjoy the thrill of rocketry. It will act as a
mother site or hub to find links to vendors and discover the diverse
world of rocketry.
Rocketry has benefited our society for over 40 years and has been
responsible for influencing untold numbers to go into highly technical
fields, to become scientists and engineers. Schools and universities use
rockets to teach and inspire. Few things are more ideal in inspiring the
teaching of physics, math and chemistry.
It may soon end. Our vendors, organizations and infrastructure are in
bad shape. Membership is falling. Even schools and universities are
going to thwarted by the difficulties imposed by unnecessary zealous
regulations. Vendors are going belly up and people are losing heart (and
courage) while misguided bureaucrats thump their chests thinking they've
done society a favor.
Everyone is needed to make this work. Contributions from corporations,
individuals, organizations, clubs, and vendors are needed to save
rocketry for our future generations. The money will be used to help get
the word out. None of it will be used in the legal fights. That's
another battle altogether--this one's about new people, new enthusiasm.
The question has been asked, "Why not use the present sites the rocket
organizations have?" The answer is a more direct response is needed.
It's been found that many of the vendors' sites have done more to
"inspire and enthuse" new rocketeers than the rather dry and technical
rocketry organization sites. To that most of us can attest. The newbie
wants pictures, basic information and vendors that can fulfill their
impulse. The new site will cater to exactly that. The person searching
for the potential of this newfound thrill could care less what we want
at that point. These new rocket enthusiasts will soon find the technical
stuff on the organizational sites when they follow the links.
This is a win/win situation for all involved, but especially for those
who will be energized by the film and want information.
The hobby is fortunate that the Discovery Channel came along when they
did. Perhaps the timing is divine intervention, but if we squander the
chance, shame on us. The time is now! The time frame is very tight and
specific. Once the opportunity is gone, it's gone!
Visit and contribute to the effort to save rocketry!
Source: ROL Newswire Service
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So let me get this right....
D Channel is airing a 2-3 hour show about LDRS. A giant ad in of itself for rocketry.
So we will then spend 70,000 dollars with this message: "Yea, what he said! Come join!!"
I wont donate a dime until they air ads about the regulation issue.
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You forgot because they failed to put a URL into their contract or have people walking around in the shots with URL laden t-shirts.
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Jerry Irvine
Um, they're in the middle of a cover up on their own gross failures on that issue.
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Jerry Irvine
URL on t-shirt... I can't believe I have overlooked the obvious for so long. That is one darn good idea for any club or nfp.
You win for most useful post of the morning!
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The program doesn't have info about how to get involved in the hobby. That's why an ad is needed.
What good would that do? The average citizen doesn't give a flying fig about our problems, if they even know we exist. In fact most of who have only a minimal exposure to the hobby think we _should_ be regulated. All you'd do with an ad like that is scare away anyone interested in getting into the hobby.
We need more people IN the hobby if we are going to have any impact in D.C. or in the public eye. This ad will help on both counts. It will increase the number of people in the hobby, and greatly increase the number of people who have a positive awareness of the hobby's existence.
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I remember one time when I was bringing some rockets out of my apartment to a friend's car, about to head down to a launch, one of the neighbors asked me about them - I explained that we were taking them to a field near Fresno where a local club had arranged for the fire dep't permits, airspace clearance from the FAA, etc....
Her response - "Oh, you've got a _permit_..." I doubt that she had the faintest awareness of the actual CSFM requirements, but she sounded indecently relieved that there was some kind of "permit" involved!
-dave w
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David Weinshenker
A while back I was telling some friends from church about our struggle with the ATF, then showed them some pics from one of our launches. The response was, "No wonder they want to regulate it!"
People see big rockets and instinctively think "dangerous missile!" Even if you have the time and opportunity to explain that these things are made of cardboard, plastic and fiberglass; that they are mostly hollow with a relatively small motor; that they are unguided and couldn't hit the broad side of a barn; etc, many people will still be wary and some will simply refuse to believe that the hobby is harmless.
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"RayDunakin" wrote in message
Not to mention the fact that even IF you had a big enough motor to propell 'something' using a guidance system that costs millions to design. Where are you going to get the 'High explosives' needed for the warhead?
You mean to tell me that if you can get your hands on the kinds of explosives required to make a weapon that you are going to have problems with other stuff?
Thats just lame.
I explaned to someone how much more dangerous a 1/4 scale R/C aircraft is than a rocket. They can carry a larger payload and are more accurate, and cost less to boot.
nuf said
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Robert DeHate
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Jerry Irvine
Well thank you Ray... That makes allot more sense in that regard.
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"Robert DeHate" wrote in news:RLJhb.723888$YN5.646292@sccrnsc01:
Well, at least you're now licensed to handle low explosives, an interesting side effect of the BATFE's regulatory "strategy".
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Leonard Fehskens
I know of one person who went through the process of getting a LEUP. When it finally arrived it was a HEUP!
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Tom Binford
Cool, an even BETTER hobby! ;O)
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Cool. Let's blow some shit up! It's more phun, and cheaper, than exempt rockets anyway!
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Jerry Irvine

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