ROL NEWS--New Products Added to Rebel Rocketry Website

New Products Added to Rebel Rocketry Website
April 27, 2005
Web posted at: 12:39 PM EDT
(ROL Newswire) -- REBEL Rocketry has updated its website with new
products. First a new REBEL kit has been introduced, the REBEL Wolf 2.1
a Level 1 kit that can also be perfectly flown on MPR motors. REBEL
Rocketry has become a dealer of the Performance Rocketry products for
the European market and already the Nose Cones are popular among
customers. In the coming months more Performance Rocketry products will
be added to the inventory. From Giant Leap, REBEL now brings the TALON
kit line for the European market on special order only. From AED, REBEL
still brings you the RDAS and now the new GPS board, the 900 MHz
Transmitter and Receiver (8-channel telemetry system) and the OSD video
overlay expansion board are available. The overlay expansion board can
be used to project your flight data on a video signal during the flight.
From Dr. Rocket the Standard casings are again available, the desert
fire line is gone as Dr. Rocket stopped producing these casings due too
risen costs. From Orbital REBEL brings you the VMX-12-D, the new glider
that can be launched on D-motors. Together with Cesaroni and some other
Vendors, REBEL is hard at work to get the CTI line of motors certified
(without sale of motors is not possible) in Europe. For details of all
the products visit
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