What happen to Magnum

Just wondering. What ever happen to Magnum?

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He sold his store to someone in PA last I heard.

he retired from retail so he could enjoy flying rockets again and other activities.

lets hope to seem him at a launch this year or next.

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CBS cancelled his series, many years ago.


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Greg Heilers

what about Higgins ?

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And the Lads?


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He's doing fine. I saw him recently in High Plains Drifter. Oddly enough, he actually looked younger. Not nearly as old as when he was that red head's boss on, One Day At A Time. ( I still like Valerie Bertinelie) ; )

Come to think of it, I saw John Wayne too and to be pushing 100, he seems to be in pretty good shape too. Why, he jumped down in that hole, shot the snake and pulled Kim Darby right out of there. He got her to a doctor in time to save her. Not bad for a really old man!

"Fill your hand, you son- of - ..... "


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The lads ate Higgins.

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Dave Grayvis

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