What's going to happen here

This is addressed to folks here interested in model railroading, not to the trolls and other recent usurpers.

I'm sure by now everyone knows the sad state of affairs here. What seemed to start with a single troll ("Curt") has morphed into a full-blown attack by a bunch of Usenet Visigoths. These worthless specimens of humanity consider it their duty to infect and infest any newsgroup they choose, to sprawl around and conduct their "conversations" wherever and however they please.

And guess what, folks? There really isn't a damn thing anyone can do about it. No "sheriff" who'll kick their asses. No way to get them "banned", kicked off. No way to delete their messages. No "moderator" here. The only thing that might work, as has been suggested by several posters, is to ignore them.

And here's what's going to happen. For a while, it will *appear* as if this forum is a smoking ruin. There will be many, many threads you won't want to even bother looking at. I predict that certainly this thread will be hijacked by these vermin and will likewise become worthless.

"Curt" is probably one of these creatures; certainly not the god-sucking, brain-damaged goober he pretends to be, along with all his sockpuppets.

But here's the good news: it won't last forever. About a week or so from now, certainly a month, the Visigoths will be gone, moved on to greener pastures to pillage and plunder. They get easily bored. And this forum will return to (more or less) normal. So don't give up.

By the way, since I invoked the "Chicken Little" comparison to folks here yelling about the sky falling in, it's true that the far greater danger to this newsgroup--indeed, *all* newsgroups--is the fact that more and more ISPs are not providing any Usenet service at all. And that has much less to do with trolls and invaders than it does with simple economics, with the fact that in the age of the Web, this quaint, (mostly) text-based communication medium is no longer sexy and is, in their view, antiquated and obsolete. Pity. But still, many ISPs *do* provide Usenet access, and will for the forseeable future.

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David Nebenzahl
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Well, rule 1 is not to respond. A troll ignored is a troll disappointed. Too bad that lots of people can't resist.

And if it's a problem that ISP's aren't carrying Usenet any more, there are alternatives. I'm posting this via Google Groups, which you can get anywhere that you can get a web connection. The address for rec.models.railroad is:

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snipped-for-privacy@nyx.net spake thus:

In fairness, it ought to be pointed out (as Ray Haddad did so recently) that people still have thresholds of how much shit they can take before responding. So while that is the rule, don't expect all people to follow it all the time.

And besides, witness the conversations here between a troll's sockpuppets. Priceless!

That's true, even if Google *does* majorly suck compared to "real" Usenet access (i.e., via a newsreader as [insert name of deity here] intended). But yes, it's a backup.

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David Nebenzahl

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News readers with a "kill file" feature are very handy for these situations.


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snipped-for-privacy@hotmail.com spake thus:

Right on time, as predicted. Actually, you're two hours late, f*ck-face.

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David Nebenzahl

When you f*ck someone's face are you on top or bottom?



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In certain cases (such as the topics that are obviously not model railroad based) that is the obvious couse of action.

However, in the particular case when one of the trolls responds to a legitimate model railroad question with a bunch of false information, it seems to me that it is best to counteract by actually posting the correct information.

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Hey All

Go to

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They have quite a few model railroad groups. In fact do a search on Google for model railroad forums. There is a lot out there. You do not have to put up with this garbage. Stop feeding the trolls.

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snipped-for-privacy@netscape.net spake thus:

You don't understand; a lot of us like Usenet, not web-based forums.

This'll blow over.

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David Nebenzahl

You are going to blow what over? Or just a straight job?

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I did that and found a large number of groups. Some of them seemed very specific - "CP layouts" or something similar for example.

Can you recommend one (or more) that has the sort of wide scope that rmr has? And one that some of the excellent and knowledgeable posters on rmr frequent at least sometimes?

I too greatly prefer usenet to mail lists, but as a recent lurker I find this sort of thing disheartening. rec.games.miniatures.historical died for much less distrubance...

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Tim Marshall

All the web based forums are very narrow in focus. That is why some of us like usenet still and are trying to save this group from dying off due to trolls.

So, no, I can't recommend any sorry to say.

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