ROL NEWS--New Recovery System Offered by October Science

New Recovery System Offered by October Science
December 5, 2003
Web posted at: 4:19 PM EST
(ROL Newswire ) -- October Science Educational Industries, LLC. has
developed a new system to eject recovery systems without the use of
black powder. The company has a patent application pending on its
Heat-Actuated Non-Explosive Ejection System (?HANEES?), which company
founder Jon Drayna invented in response to the federal government?s new
stance on ownership of black powder.
Instructions to make the HANEES (pronounced HAY-knees), along with
materials, are included with Bravo Niner rocket motor kit, which October
Science developed and sells exclusively through its web site,
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The provided parts, along with some common
household items, allow customers to build the device in less than an
"The HANEES simplifies the Bravo Niner motor kit, as users no longer
need to incorporate an ejection charge in each motor," according
Drayna.?"We spent more than a year developing and flight testing the
HANEES,"? he said. ?"We?re extremely pleased with the result, and we
know our customers will appreciate this improvement in our kit as well.
Not only does it remove any question regarding the customer?s possession
of black powder, it also makes the Bravo Niner kit easier to use."
The HANEES is simple to make, use, and reuse. It?s slender, and can be
configured to fit in all but the tiniest rocket. A small HANEES weights
less than 4 grams. And most importantly, it?s reliable. "Unlike with
conventional ejection systems, you can test your rocket?s recovery
system deployment in your kitchen so you?ll know it?s going to work in
flight,"?Drayna said.
In flight, the HANEES is activated by a small flash of fire jetting from
an opening in the forward closure of the Bravo Niner motor at the end of
it?s smoke delay phase. The fire jet simply burns through a thread,
releasing elastic bands that cause a plunger to spring forward, in place
of the explosive ejection force of a black powder charge.
In celebration of its announcement, October Science is currently
offering its Bravo Niner motor kit for $5 off the regular price, for a
limited time. The sale price is $39.95, plus shipping.
The Bravo Niner kit, the first and only known make-your-own motor kit
for small-scale amateur rocketry, is popular among science teachers,
adults looking for a new rocketry challenge, and teenage rocketeers
working under adult supervision who have become bored with conventional
model rocketry. It provides an ideal science fair project, according to
the company. The kit provides materials to make up to 40 ?B? class
rocket motors, suitable for a variety of test-stand and flight uses. The
motors can be used in conventional model rockets made from kits. The
Bravo Niner kit comes complete with all the tools and materials needed
to build and fire the motors, except for a few common household items.
October Science Educational Industries, LLC, established in October of
2001, is a privately-owned business located at 2358 Jourdain Lane, Green
Bay, Wisconsin, 54301. For more information e-mail or
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Source: ROL Newswire Service
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Clever. I wonder how well it would scaled up?
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I developed a similar approach for releasing strap-ons, which I have ground tested (but not yet flown). I use "Spiderwire" braided fishing line, incredible strong and near zero-stretch, to retain a spring-loaded catch.
Instead of using a pyro though, the spiderwire is burned through by a nichrome wire, which is formed into a coil around a pin, then has the spiderwire run through. This heats up and melts/burns through the spiderwire nearly instantaneously (probably about 1/4 second between applying 9V and the springs releasing).
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