ROL NEWS--Blacksky LDRS 24 Sale

Blacksky LDRS 24 Sale
July 1, 2005
Web posted at: 1:16 PM EDT
(ROL Newswire) -- For LDRS 24 blacksky is reducing prices by 25% on
all blacksky products July 1 through July 18, 2005. Discounts include
all products including the AltAcc2C, Timer2N, ARRD2, Rails, Rail Guides,
and the NEW Ejector2 and NEW Optimal 102-38 Kit. All of these products
will be available for sale at LDRS 24. Dealers may also take advantage
of this sale, please contact blacksky for details.
The NEW blacksky items include an improved version of the Ejector that
has an O-ring seal for wire leads and a threaded plastic plug to close
the open end. The blacksky Ejecter2 can be used with PyrodexP® or ffffg
black powder at ANY altitude. The key is to contain ignition long enough
to generate sufficient pressure to assure combustion. The hot gas is
released when the threaded plastic plug releases at approximately 350
PSI for actuating the recovery system. Threaded seals and O-rings assure
better and more consistent results from any given charge. As with all
ejection charge systems, use safety glasses at all times when loading,
installing, and arming the Ejector2.
The NEW Optimal 102-38 is a 4 inch OD x 69 inch long, 38mm motor rocket
kit. The airframe is polycarbonate and the Fin and Fin Can is aluminum
for durability. Motor mounts and the coupler are also aluminum with an
innovative extrusion for attaching the centering rings and bulkhead. The
single most interesting feature is that the kit is assembled entirely
with a #2 Phillips screwdriver, nothing else is needed! This is a great
kit for schools or for those that want a durable rocket for Level 1 or
Level 2 certification. The kit comes with tubular shock cord and motor
retainers for 38mm re-loadable motors.
Source: blacksky
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