ROL NEWS--blacksky Releases Optimal 168 Rocket Kit

blacksky Releases Optimal 168 Rocket Kit May 17, 2004 Web posted at: 12:48 PM EDT

(ROL Newswire) -- The blacksky Corporation of Carlsbad, California announces the release of the Optimal 168 research rocket kit for commercial, educational, and advanced hobbyists. The Optimal 168 is designed to loft 10 pound (4.54 kg) payloads to altitudes in excess of

30,000 feet (9150 meters). The Optimal 168 was designed, accepted, and flown for a NASA Dryden Flight Research Center project. The test flights were carried out at the Pecos County Aerospace Development Center (ADC) in Texas. A press release describing the NASA project is found at
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The Optimal 168 kit is a ³minimum diameter² rocket designed for the Cesaroni Pro150 motor series, is 6.625 inches (168mm) in diameter, and

118 inches (3 meters) long. The Optimal 168 has an aluminum airframe and fins, precision 10º conical fiberglass/stainless nosecone, and milled aluminum bulkheads. Included with the kit are the recovery electronics (dual blacksky AltAcc2C altimeter-accelerometer) and dual deployment system with the blacksky EJecter and ARRD, a 48 inch inversion proof drogue, and a ³professional²12 foot main parachute and deployment bag. The dry weight of the rocket is 38 pounds (17.25kg) without motor or payload and the launch weight is 98.5 pounds (44.7kg) with O5100 motor and payload.

The Optimal 168 allows the researcher, educator, or hobbyist to focus on the payload instead of the rocket. Blacksky also offers Optimal 168 launch services for commercial or educational flights at the Pecos County ADC or launch site of your choosing. Launch services include documentation, vehicle integration, solid rocket motor assembly, range support, ground support equipment, and launch operations.

Contact Scott Bartel, blacksky Corporation at 760-730-3701 or email for further details.

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