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Edmonds Aerospace Releases RC Rocket Gliders July 14, 2004 Web posted at: 6:37 PM EDT

(ROL Newswire) -- The Edmonds Aerospace is proud to annouce the release of the Arcie II Radio Controlled Rocket Launched Aircraft System along with the CiCi Stage 2, Twinsee and Deltie B 18mm sport model kits. Unlike most earlier kits of the Edmonds Aerospace, the Arcie II is intended for mainstream NAR sport fliers. The single-channel model is designed to fly a "sport flier's mission," not very similar to the flight profile of the high-performance R/C models flown by skilled pilots in international competition. Arcie II is carried directly overhead by a booster using a 24 mm black powder C, D or E motor, and then released. The model may then be guided about the sky in a leisurely fashion through left and right turns until landing. This flight profile is suitable not just for sport rocketeers new to R/C but also for prospective model aviators looking for a primary R/C trainer. The new 18mm sport models are intended take advantage of the extra power of the B and C motors to launch the models with tested flight characteristics. In particular, the two-staged model CiCi Stage 2 must operate in a difficult environment of high speed from motor combinations as large as C6-0 to C6-5. Descriptions of the capabilities of all four of the products can be found on the new the Edmond Aerospace website located at

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