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New Products Offered from Aerospace Speciality Products October 27, 2003 Web posted at: 1:57 PM EST

(ROL Newswire ) -- Aerospace Speciality Products has a number of new products available. The Sport 'Chutes and HD ("Heavy Duty") Sport 'Chutes now come in two new colors, Orange and Double-Sided (silver on one side and black on the other). The 24" versions are also now available in silver, gold and red. The poly material ASP uses to make its Sport and HD 'Chutes is also now available as raw material for making your own parachutes.

The complete line of the great Edmunds Aerospace glider kits are now in stock, including two brand new kits. The "Twinsee" is a dual glider kit for 18mm motors, featuring two very nice flying models in one. The "CiCi2" is a very cool two-stage, dual glider kit. ASP owner Andy Jackson states, "This is one unique and great flying model!"

In addition, several new items are available. 24mm/29mm centering rings (also serves as a 24mm engine block), 24mm/29mm engine adapters, G motor size engine hooks, balsa transition sections in many sizes, bulkhead kits for T70 and T2.6 tubes, and many others. ASP is now offering new styles and sizes of the very popular laser-cut G10 fins for competition and small sport models. The clear version of EPOXO 88 epoxy is also now in stock. Three new styles of shirts are available and can be viewed on the web site.

For more information, visit the Aerospace Speciality Products web site at:

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