ROL NEWS--New Kits from Sunward Aerospace

New Kits from Sunward Aerospace
July 19, 2005
Web posted at: 12:59 PM EDT
(ROL Newswire) -- Sunward Aerospace Group Limited today announced the
launch of a line of rocket mounting kits and a new line of wooden kits.
The new line of wooden kits include a Trebuchet and a Catapult. Part of
the new Build, Learn, Play line, both are precut and predrilled with
easy to follow instructions. Built mainly with high quality basswood,
the two new kits are easy to build and of high quality.
Also released are a full line of single and cluster motor mounts for
BT50, BT55, BT60, and BT80 tubes using 18mm and 24mm motors. The line
includes 13 different configurations from 1 to 7 motors. All the motor
mounting rings are made from high quality laser cut lite ply ( 18mm BT50
motor mount uses paper rings ). All mounting rings kits include a new
Sunward motor mounting clips for each motor. All products are now
available and now shipping. For further information, please contact:
Angelo Castellano, Sunward Aerospace Group Limited at
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Source: Sunward Aerospace Group Limited
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