Sunward Aerospace One Year Anniversary

Hard to believe, but here it is.

One year ago, I purchased Sunward from the previous owners.

A lot has changed since then.

New retailers, new products, new logo and corporate presence, revamped web site, and new lines. Even some of the original line was upgraded.

Sunward has gone from 7 to 16 model kits. New tubes, parts, and mounting kits. Even a new line for the hobby stores. Many more to come.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the retailers who have helped and all those who have purchased Sunward products in this past year.

Thank you.

Angelo Castellano Sunward Aerospace Group Limited

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congrats Angelo and I wish you and Sunward many more years of success.

shockie B)

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Angelo Again keep up the good work and were proud to have Sunward in our store.

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You forgot to mention bar codes and 3 mil bags. 8-)

Congratulations. I wish you many more good years.

Phil Stein

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Phil Stein

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