Rocket Challenge Teaser on Discovery

Just saw a teaser comercial for the Rocket Challenge while watching Monster
Garage. Looks like they got some good footage!
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The Dickinson's
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record it
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Jerry Irvine
I saw it too. It was nothing at all like the trailer on their ad page, (which BTW was changed last week.) I think the "teaser" couldn't have been longer than 10 seconds. I saw a bowling ball loft, a drag race, (one went horizontal) and some tower launches.
It got me "excited" ;-)
(I hate being teased) ;-)
-- Drake "Doc" Damerau
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I saw the GilaMonster crew in there a couple of times.
Joel. phx
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Joel Corwith
Anyone know if Discovery UK will be showing any of Rocket Challenge???
-- Niall Oswald ============= UKRA 1345, L0
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Niall Oswald
You'll have to check your listings. It's not showing on Discovery in Canada. I may have to see if I can catch it somewhere on the net.
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Robert Cole
I just posted a tv capture from that teaser ad at ABMR shockie B)
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