ROL NEWS--Essence Aerospace Technologies Introduces New Rocket Kit

Essence Aerospace Technologies Introduces New Rocket Kit
April 30, 2004
Web posted at: 12:35 PM EDT
(ROL Newswire) -- Essence Aerospace Technologies (EAT) is proud to
announce the introduction of the Triatomic. This rocket has a limited
production run and the website is now open for pre-orders. Expected
delivery: end of May 2004.
The Triatomic is a unique rocket featuring a standard rocket TOP with
three, interchangable rocket BOTTOM's. This kit is like
three-rockets-in-one. All with interesting features including a
transition, cluster, and futuristic with rear pod and nose cone. There
are a lot of parts and it will be a building challenge.
Flight features includes a Wadless Parachute Cup and a 24mm to 18mm
Adaptor for the Transition and Futuristic. It is also Estes "E" capable.
For more information, you can visit the EAT web site at
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