ROL NEWS--Loki Research Introduces New Motors for 2006

Loki Research Introduces New Motors for 2006 January 18, 2006 Web posted at: 6:28 PM EST

(ROL Newswire) -- Loki Research is pleased to announce the availability of four new high power motor reloads. The new 54-2000 N-s hardware has two options in the K power range: The K250 is a single grain ³Moon Burner² with over 160 pounds of initial thrust, followed by a long regressive burn of up to seven seconds. For two-stage sustainers and minimum diameter altitude attempts, the K250 is an ideal solution. The K960 is the second new reload for the 54-2000 hardware. Containing five BATES grains, it averages over 250 pounds of thrust for the majority of its two second burn. Jeff Taylor stated, ³I recently flew the K960 to velocities over Mach 1.4, it will certainly get your rocket moving!³ The Loki L1400 for the 54-2800 hardware is the largest 54mm reload available in the current rocket market. Owner Jeff Taylor stated, ³Daring hobbyists across the country have been testing their rocket building skills and pounding the skies with L1400s since it¹s release last July.² Loki Research is pleased to introduce a second reload, the K350 moon burner for the 54-2800 hardware. The K350 packs an initial punch of more than 250 pounds of thrust, but then throttles back and sustains an average of about 75 pounds for the remainder of the long seven second burn. Following the 76-6000 hardware and M1882 reload, Loki Research has introduced its second 76mm motor, the 76-3500 and the L930 reload. A mid-range L motor, the L930 is suitable for any rocket in the 15-45 pound range. All of the new reloads are TMT certified and utilise Loki White propellant with white plume and smoke. A list of high power rocketry dealers may be found at

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Pricing may also be found at the website.

Source: Loki Research

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