ROL NEWS--CTI Announces New Pro98 Reloads

CTI Announces New Pro98 Reloads January 28, 2005 Web posted at: 1:08 PM EST

Gormley, Ontario, Canada (ROL Newswire) -- Cesaroni Technology Incorporated (CTI) is pleased to announce successful certification of a series of new reloads for Pro98® and RMS hardware. These new products cover the range of commonly used 98mm motor sizes, and fit both CTI and RMS hardware. Following a 3-day certification in early December by the Canadian Association of Rocketry, the following new reloads were tested and certified (reloads shown in italics were previously certified but shown for reference):

Standard Pro98® core-burning reloads, Classic propellant (bright flame, medium smoke)

Type: Total impulse (Ns): Burn time (s): Initial thrust (lb): CTI hardware: RMS hardware: L610-P 4855 7.96 209 P98-2G 98/5120 M1060-P 7313 6.96 336 P98-3G 98/7680 M1450-P 9955 6.87 543 P98-4G 98/10240 N2500-P 13767 5.38 871 P98-6G 98/15360

Pro98® ³Moonburners², Classic propellant

Type: Total impulse (Ns): Burn time (s): Initial thrust (lb): CTI hardware: RMS hardware: M520-P 7441 13.61 279 P98-3G 98/7680 M795-P 10133 12.76 387 P98-4G 98/10240 N1100-P 14046 12.50 609 P98-6G 98/15360

Please note the 12.5 second burn N motor. Also, the M520-P was recently flown to almost 26,000 feet in a minimum diameter rocket, and the prototype pushed a 6², 39 pound rocket to 15,300 feet. Several altitude attempts using the N1100 are scheduled for LDRS24 including a two-stage N1100 ­ N1100 minimum diameter sport-scale Black Brant.

All standard reloads are classified as 1.3C explosives in both the US and Canada. They may be shipped in the continental US as 1.4C explosives under DOT E-10996. Important: all Pro98® moonburner reloads feature a molded one-piece grain that exceeds the DOT-imposed 1.4kg inner package propellant weight limit for 1.4C shipment, and therefore they may only be shipped as 1.3C explosives.

For pricing and availability, please contact your favorite CTI motor dealer.

Source: Cesaroni Technology Incorporated

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