ROL NEWS--New Cesaroni Motors Certified

New Cesaroni Motors Certified June 24, 2004 Web posted at: 5:42 PM EDT

Gormley, Ontario, Canada (ROL Newswire) -- Cesaroni Technology Incorporated is pleased to announce that several new motors have been certified by the Canadian Association of Rocketry Motor Certification Committee.

The Pro54® L730-P tops off the 54mm line, with 2773Ns total impulse and a 3.77s burn time. The 273 lb initial thrust means you can lift heavy birds with this motor. The L730 uses 6 extended length propellant grains and requires our new P54-6GXL casing. Metric dimensions are 54mm x

649mm. The forward closure is supplied plugged, but carries a delay column that will produce nearly 20 seconds of tracking smoke for high altitude flights. Shipping classification is in process, and the L730-P will be available from your dealer in the very near future.

In the Pro98® line, the N2500-P Classic propellant reload is ideal for those really big scale and sport projects. It edges out the the competition with 13,633Ns total impulse, 877lb initial thrust, and a burn time of 5.42 seconds. Priced at $799.95 list, you get more power for less money! Currently certified in CTI Pro98® hardware, certification firings in the RMS-98/15360 case are scheduled for early July. Once completed, the reload will be certified for use in either hardware set. Look for a demo flight at LDRS! Other reloads in this series are scheduled for certification and will be announced soon.

Certification firings are underway for another ³special² in the Pro98® line. The N1100 (working designation) is for altitude freaks and fans of long burn motors. In its first test, this motor produced 13524 Ns total impulse with a 12.2s burn time. It will boost large rockets too with an initial thrust of over 600lb and regressive thrust profile. CTI will be testing this motor at ROC Lake this year, with a minimum diameter carbon-composite airframe that sims to about 28,000 feet altitude. Further announcements on this motor will be made as they develop.

Lastly, CTI has made history with the successful certification of the Pro75® Classic propellant line of reloads in RMS 75mm hardware! Now RMS hardware owners have a choice of reload brand without having to spend money for new hardware or rentals. These reloads will now carry the new ³U² (universal) designation as required - K510-PU, L800-PU, L1115-PU, and M1400-PU. Performance is identical in either case brand, and owners of reload kits with the older markings can now use them in either hardware brand of course.

All Pro75® and Pro98® reload products are compatible with either brand of hardware and will ultimately be certified as such. The appropriate o-rings and instructions for both are provided. However they can only be used in hardware brands in which they have been certified ­ note that certification firings in each brand of hardware may not occur at the same time, which depends on factors such as product or test personnel availability. If you¹re not sure of current certification status please check with your dealer or e-mail us at

Source: Cesaroni Technology Incorporated

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So, does this mean they are making reloads that work in Aerotech /Dr. Rocket hardware?

I wonder if any surprises are coming in the smaller sizes?....


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