ROL NEWS--NAR Certifies New Animal Motor Works Motors

NAR Certifies New Animal Motor Works Motors
January 27, 2004
Web posted at: 12:41 PM EST
(ROL Newswire) -- The following motors have been certified by NAR
Standards & Testing for general use as high power rocket motors
effective June 30, 2003. They will not be certified for NAR contest use
as they are not model rocket motors.
The following are reloadable motors, certified only with the indicated
size casings and manufacturer supplied nozzles, end closures, delays (or
smoke devices), and propellant slugs.
Animal Motor Works:
75mm x 244mm (75-1700 casing):
K450-BB-P-SM (1845 Newton-seconds total impulse, 881.6 grams propellant
75mm x 368mm: (75-2500 casing):
L700-BB-P-SM (2590 Newton-seconds total impulse, 1193.9 grams propellant
Source: Jim Cook, Secretary for NAR Standards & Testing
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