ROL NEWS--NAR Certifies D & E AeroTech Motors

NAR Certifies D & E AeroTech Motors September 15, 2005 Web posted at: 12:24 PM EDT

(ROL Newswire) -- The following motors are certified for use in NAR contests effective September 19, 2005. The manufacturer confirmed their production is now sufficiently regular that all delays of these motors have been available to all contestants for 60 days by this date. Aerotech: D21T-4,7 E15W-P

John Lyngdal, Secretary for NAR Standards & Testing

Source: NAR Standards & Testing

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what about the E15W-4 and -7? shockie B)

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They already were contest certified for the new contest year a while ago.

they were NOT certified for naram-47 however, as that was for the OLD contest year.

that created the confusion.

see your last Sprocketry, NOT the new one with the moe-ski-toe on the cover, but the last one.

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