ROL NEWS--AeroTech Re-releases D21T Single-Use Motors

AeroTech Re-releases D21T Single-Use Motors
July 20, 2005
Web posted at: 5:37 PM EDT
(ROL Newswire) -- AeroTech is re-releasing its 18mm D21T single-use
model rocket motors, which have not been manufactured since October
These motors are the same physical size (diameter and length) as a black
powder 'C' motor, but produce over twice the total impulse. The D21T
also delivers more power than a black powder 'D' motor in a much smaller
and lighter form factor. They are perfect for rockets of lightweight
construction as well as oversize models that need more impulse than a
'C' motor can provide.
The D21T will be available in 4 and 7 second delays.
The D21T is defined as a "model rocket motor" and while no user
certification is required, they are recommended for consumers 16 years
of age or older.
The D21T can be shipped via U.S. Postal Service Parcel Post with no
hazmat fee, due to the fact that the motor contains less than 30 grams
of propellant.
A copy of the D21T instructions (including a thrust curve and other
motor data) in PDF format may be downloaded from the AeroTech Resource
Library at
formatting link

Source: RCS Rocket Motor Components (RCS), Inc.
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In article, Phil Stein at wrote on 7/20/05 6:30 PM:
Barcode- of course.
Bag thickness- 0.004"
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Gary C. Rosenfield
Thanks for your speedy reply to this critical question. I'm surprised ROL doesn't provide this info for everything. 8-)
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Phil Stein
Actually, another real question. Must, or have, these been rectified? They've been out of production for about 4 years, and are now made in a much different facility. We all know that there might be a problem... Just look at the Ellis J350s!
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AZ Woody
In article , "AZ Woody" wrote a self-answering question:
Made at Ellis Mountain (explod-o-jets). Cedar City, UT is "blessed".
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Jerry Irvine
while you were looking at the big picture, you missed the fact that the time stamps of the message don't match!! horror of horrors, the press release is "Web posted at: 5:37 PM EDT" but the new server time stamp is clearly 3 MINUTES LATER. harrumph.
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Cliff Sojourner
In article 4UCDe.78$, AZ Woody at wrote on 7/20/05 7:29 PM:
The D21T is still NAR "rectified":
formatting link
The "Ellis J350s" were made in eastern Texas in a facility that did not have temperature and humidity control. AeroTech actually had the same problem in Las Vegas during the summer "monsoon season". The manufacturing facility was cooled with "swamps" which raised the humidity to similar levels for a few months of each year.
Current production is in Utah in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. The facility was examined by a DOT-approved lab and was found to be acceptable by the DOT.
If you read our DOT approvals you will see the Cedar City, UT address listed at the top.
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Gary C. Rosenfield
These were one of many AT motors that lost their contest certification when they became unavailable after the fire.
I would address your concerns to NAR S&T. I'm sure they will be as responsive to you as TMT has been to me :-)
Bob Kaplow NAR # 18L >>> To reply, there's no internet on Mars (yet)!
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Bob Kaplow
Say what you will about the past, but Aerotech (RCS) (Gary) is making an effort to really resume.
And say what you will, but throughout this process notably including being attacked by both the local authorities and his own lawyers, he has BIG balls.
"I bet there are more people collecting string into balls than there are flying high power rockets." - Steve Cello, Tripoli Prefect
"I also filed complaints against people posting this same garbage on CIS and turned in the people who's IP was back traced. How about some headers to prove your point? If you don't have any, then drop the lies because your accusations are unfounded. You don't have the balls to post using your own name and want to place blame on me for something that originated from Tripoli itself." - Dave Gawlick
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Jerry Irvine
In article, Stan at wrote on 7/21/05 7:23 PM:
$11.95 each suggested retail.
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Gary C. Rosenfield
Darn spell checkers! You know what was meant!
Seems the page at NAR you reference says the motor was last certified 9/3/95, and as it's been not made in almost 4 years, and clearly seems to be out of the "three year rule" for S&T and TMT!
Come on Gary.. Do you have some deal where S&T doesn't follow their own rules for your motors? Per the NAR documentation you provided, it's been almost 10 years since they tested this motor!
The Ellis J350 "problem" might not have occurred if S&T/TMT had re-certed the motor based on the change of manufacturer, the location, etc...
RCS (the current manufacturer) is not the same company as Aerotech (the company that had the certification). You bought the AT IP in a fire sale, from your self, but the change in manufacturing location/environment means a big change which needs to be tested!
RCS is a different company, making motors at a different location (state) than AT. Everything needs to be recertified! (a prime example is the d21 which has not been tested in 10 years!), or S&T and TMT are clearly not performing their function...
Does anybody else remember the "red delay liner" problem? Yet another case where Gary got by with changes that were ignored by the testing orgs, but turned into a real problem.....
Gary, spend $20 and send S&T a new set of reloads for the D21 and get it tested. Heck, it's been 10 years!
I hope the RCS motors test out the same as the AT motors, in all cases, but then again we won't know unless they are tested!
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AZ Woody

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